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Hi all
I know it's abit early.. but I'm wondering if anybody is keen to go to NewS 15th Year Anniversary Con next year  (is my calculations correct :P?)
Seeing that they are having their concert now.. I'm expecting it to be Autumn/Winter Con next year.

Obviously, the plane tix and everything will have to be bought after the announcements are up but it's best to plan and save now.
Especially, after looking at some of the prices here...

Is anyone looking to go to smaller venues? I'm keen but not wanting to go alone coz I get lost quite easily..

This discussion is open to everyone.. appreciate your thoughts or tips :)
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Hello! I am new to Livejournal but I have been a fan of NEWS for about 6 years. However, because of school and work I was not able to keep up with them for about 3 years.. I am quite depressed about it and I'm very desperate for the concerts and documentaries with English sub... I am sort of okay with raw but I will not be able to understand what they are saying :( Please help me and I am very sorry to seem rude and needy out of nowhere.. But I have not seen NEWS for a long time and I'd like to get back on track.. And if anyone has the time, will you update me what their accomplishments and what they have done or any drama/movie or anything they did the past 3 years? You don't have to, but I'd like to know :) sorry to be asking a lot..
Here are the list of concerts and documentaries I need (with english sub):
o 10th anniversary
o Utsucon
o Tegomass no Seishun
o Life of NEWS (I really want this because I see short clips of it but I never got to see it :( so please send me this with eng subs.. I'm sorry..)

Thank you all for your time and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day
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Hello dears,

After 8 years I will finally go to NEWS concert. やったあああああ
I would like to know if there is some fans coming as well to the last day of the White tour in Tokyo Dome on Sunday 14th.
I'm going alone so if  there is some lonely fans going as well, let me know and let's enjoy the show together...

Thank you

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As we all know, NEWS has announced their 2015 concert tour! :D

Is anyone planning on going? Which dates? I was thinking maybe some of us could plan to meet up and hang out!
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Hello everyone! I don't know if this has been done here before, but I thought it would be fun if each of us shares our stories with NEWS. How did you first hear of them, how did you become a fan, or what was your first song?

Happy 10th Anniversary NEWS!!!~ ♥

(I hope NEWS will release another single before the year ends! :))
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I wrote a pretty long review with my impressions about Shige's second novel "Senkou Scramble" ^^
I'd be happy if who's interested will take their time to read it and share their opinions with me...

Click here!

Thank you ♥

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Hello minna! I just saw Music Station last night and I found something really got my interest. It's no other than Tegoshi.
And I was surprised by this!

tego music station
kyari music station
Tego did Kyari's dance and Kyari did Tego's pose! o_O
btw, they sat next to each other also during almost the whole show hahaha

I "smell" something now between them lol.. I'm just curious actually haha..

Actually I don't mind if they gonna be a couple soon. Both of them are cute and the match each other I think :)

What do you guys think?
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Hey guys,
I guess we have all seen the Chankapana PV by now?
So there are a few things I was wondering about and I would like to get your opinion.

I'm really curious about whether the whole PV is a message to the foreign fans or whether this is a start to promote Johnnys more in foreign (American/European) countries?
I mean, WHY do they have the whole introducting part with english subtitles?
And above all: WHY is the English so good? I mean normally Japanese don't really care about the language and just spell words wrong for example. But those subtitles are so accurate!

Also, the PV is really westernized. I mean, sure, we always had Western girls in Johnny's PVs
(for example Kanjanis "Wonderfull World!!" or KAT-TUNs "Don't you ever Stop") but somehow I feel like this time it's different. Because here, even people who don't know anything about NEWS and Johnny's in General could watch this and find it funny, I think. So is the whole PV a try to reach foreign fans?

I mean, JE is opening up to foreign fans, with the foreign newsletter and the possibility to get concert tickets for example. AND there is also the fact that Tegomass went to Sweden once . . . so do you think that they maybe want to push NEWS more towards foreign fans? It could be a good time since the two most popular and famouse members in Japan, Ryo and YamaPi, are gone now, so maybe they want to try something new with NEWS?

Maybe my imagination went a little bit too far but I think the whole thing is worth a tought :) I really would love to hear your opinion too! So let me know in the comments :D
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Hi guys

I'm really for not posting/writing any fics.  it just that at school i've been having exams and books turned in and also field trip and fests.  I've just been really BUSY and TIRED.  Again i apologize.


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! I'm so happy that school's out!  I'll post some good news if you guys want, but since I'm indecisive I'd love to know your opinions on what kind of NEWS videos, clips, DVDs, and songs do you want to download.  I'm about to format my computer, so I thought about sharing some good stuff.

meh! i need to shut up before i bore you guys to death reading this. Thanks and bye~

Peace out! :D
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Dear NEWS's Fans,

First, I would like to say that I love everyone that loves NEWS, and I'm proud to be among you all, because NEWS's FANS have proved to be the most faithful and loving fans ever.

For the latest sad news about NEWS :( ...
I can't say im not feeling betrayed and heartbroken.. but this is not what we need now and there is no point of repeating the same words everywhere...
we are here to do something...

since they announced this so sad news to us ... we as NEWS's FANS are demanding several things...

First: we need a press conference of all 6 members to explain in details the reasons that led to this decision.

Seconed: as the most believed reason is that the most busiest members had left because they cannot handle both groups' activities and their own activities, we demand that the new group of 4 members have A LOT of activities that would let us understand why its too hard for yamapi and ryo to cope with.
we need variety show AT LEAST... something like or even much better that soukon ...
we want new single and a tour to compensate all patient, loving and supporting NEWS's FANS.
and we also will not stop support the other two who left, although its really painful not to see all of them together, but we are not that grudge-full and we want to follow and support yamapi and ryo in their new own roads.

I have a complete faith in the lasting four members, because at first, if the agency didnt have faith that they would continue to be famous they would disband the whole group immediately after the golden boy leaves...

we all saw Soukon, and the we saw the beautiful chemistry going on between our beloved four members. and I will say that I cannot wait to see them together again

we as NEWS's FANS will keep supporting all NEWS members because we kept doing it for 8 years and we will not stop now..

NEWS have inspired us in different ways these past years, and their songs have helped me personally so much when I was feeling down many times...

So, my dears, Let's send our voices to them, our requests and continuous love and support

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goo Ranking asked its users which actor they felt was as quick as a ninja when it came to reflexes.

Top ten actors below the cut! 

goo Ranking )
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Sorry for the dramatic title XD I was just thinking of this and I thought it'd be interesting to get a discussion going. I personally have a theory and I'm curious to see what people think of it.

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We've had a poll similar to this one before but it was a long time ago so I thought it was time for another one.

Note: You can vote for more than one option in all polls

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Johnny’s Entertainment (the agency for popular idol groups SMAP, TOKIO, Arashi, KAT-TUN, and NEWS, amongst many others)  is famous for enforcing a strict “no photo” online policy for their artists. Even the official websites for dramas and movies typically lack cast photos for a Johnny’s actor.


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Oh Johnny's or whoever types the names of the songs for the program, such great fail is needed to be mentioned! As some of you may already know or have seen, Johnny's held their annual Countdown Live Concert just a few hours ago and as amazing as it was, there was complete fail by the programmer of the show. Do you NEWS fans see what is wrong with this picture aside from Ryo not being there with the rest of the members? I'll give you a hint, NEWS debuted in 2003 but Koi no ABO was released in ...

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So I just found this poll thing on Big globe, asking for the top karaoke songs of 2010

And just take a look at who's ranking in the top 3!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Link to vote is here
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Now I was rewatching the NEWS Diamond DVD, when I realize..
Why Ryo during the concert don't wear the Diamond ring as the others members?
It's a good question, ne? It's strange. o(>▽<)o

Do you realize it?
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[Poll #1626531]
I would like everyone to take this seriously. Think earnestly and honestly - which NEWS member would you end your life for?

I'm really interested in knowing your answers, and I'll let you all know mine as well (eventually). This post is remaining public here, as well as this extended Johnny's Poll here @ my LJ. Both are open to any and all who would like to participate.

Additionally, if the text box proves too small for your reason, you can comment here further explaining why you chose who you did. Former members of NEWS are also welcome as answers.

Have fun with it, everyone! ♥

**EDIT** I want to thank everyone who's participated so far (a day later and 69 participants!). Thanks to everyone who's taking this poll!

I've gotten some interesting answers, some exciting answers, some self-explanatory answers, and some very realistic answers.

I don't necessarily want you to think you'll die by taking this bullet. I just want you to consider that it could happen. So please don't question my sanity or flame this poll. Remember, there are very serious NEWS fans out there who would very gladly die for their boys. It's not a game, however likely you may consider it to be.

Click on the cut to see my answer.

Who would Lily die for? )
Wow, that was a long ramble, but there's my answer! If you read it all, you deserve cookies. (I know, it's not much, especially for all those taking the time to answer the poll, but hey, cookies are good right? Unless you don't like chocolate or are allergic.. Well, it's a gesture!)

Once again, thanks everyone ! (Near 80 now! You wouldn't believe how happy this makes me. ♥) Your taking time out to answer is very, very much appreciated and each answer means a lot to me (even if it's a 'no' to taking the bullet). I promise to bring polls like this to [livejournal.com profile] news_jpop in future. :) ♥


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