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Hello! I just made NEWS Desktop Wallpaper again from several scans. All picture credit to [livejournal.com profile] inala xD, I just cleaned the text and did some basic photoshop to make it into wallpaper. Actually, I've made several wallpaper before: https://news-jpop.livejournal.com/7248875.html Feel free to use it if you like it!

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Selling various Johnny's Entertainment NEWS fandom merchandise :)

*Note: official goods unless stated otherwise

• Pacific LIVE 2008 Uchiwa Shigeaki Katou (tear near eye; photographed) - $10
• N.E.W.S. 2007 LIVE 9-member uchiwa - $15
• NEWS spring concert your pamphlet- $20
• N.E.W.S. 2007 LIVE concert pamphlet - $20
• PACIFIC 2008 LIVE concert pamphlet - $25
• PACIFIC 2008 LIVE concert DVD - $23
• diamond 2009 LIVE concert DVD (Taiwan version) - $13
• Touch LE version - $25
• Touch RE version - $15
• Taiyou no Namida 'RE version - $10
• Sakura Girl Re version - $10
• TEPPEN RE version - $10
• NEWS Nippon RE version - $8
• NEWS jacket A album - $30
• NEWS jacket B album - $20
• Chankapaana special boxer edition + special program DVD - $30
• Fighting Man RE version (crack front, otherwise CD still works)- $5
• Pokonpekorya LE version - $10
• Koi no ABO + NEWS winter party Diamond DVD LE version - $15
• summertime RE version - $8
• sayaendou RE version - $8
• TEGOMASS Aoi Bench RE version - $8
• TEGOMASS Miso soup RE version - $8
• TEGOMASS tanabata matsuuri LE version- $15
• YAMASHITA TOMOHISA Loveless (Taiwan verson) - $6
• GreeeeeeN Kiseki RE version - $5
• KAT-TUN Don' U Ever Stop - $5

• Each magazine sells for $3
• various photo sets- $5/set(5 photos per set; mostly Massu and Shige photos. PM for others)
• handmade Koi no ABO + Massuperman keychain - $2
• LIVE Tour 2013 folder - $10
• LIVE Tour 2013 iPhone Stickers - $6
• Assorted non-official NEWS merchandise - $2 each
• Haiiro no kanari Pamphlet (Massu's Butai) - $20
• haiiro no kanari letter set - $15
• World Quest Limited edition Box Set - $60 (RRP $90)

Willing to meet up, otherwise shipping at the expense of the buyer :)
*currency is in Australian dollars, meetup within Melbourne, Australia. Head here for photos and enquiries 😊

#johnnysentertainment #NEWS #Jpop
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We're back with the results for 14th anniversary poll! First of all, thank you so much for your participation. It was a lot of fun for us as well, to see how the song preferences have changed!

And now, the results.

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Hello again!*waves*
I'm back selling three NEWS items.Each DVD's (Two Limited Edition DVD's and one Regular Edition DVD.)These are second hand items,and still in good condition
These DVD's costs 800 PHP EACH. For Filipino Buyers Only.Meet ups at SM Megamall.
Here is the short price description of the items.
For the complete information of the items,please visit my lj account.
You can also shoot me a message at my e-mail: nada.moriya@gmail.com/09172574566

CD Japan: PHP 2826.48
My Price: PHP 800

Limited Edition
CD Japan: PHP 2,870.32
My Price: PHP 800

Utsukushii Koi ni Suru Yo DVD
Regular Edition
Price: 800 (less 1,700 than the original price at CDJapan.)

Second hand,but still in a good condition.
Includes a booklet.
YesAsia Price: Out of Print
CDJapan Price: 643.69
My Price: PHP 300
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The happy expressions on the 4 of them say everything - it's the time of the year again!

Some of us may remember how the best album was put together through a fan vote, so we thought it'd be fun do an unofficial one of our own, 5 years down the road to see if there will be any differences - especially since so many great songs have been released since then! And as 15 Sep 2017 will mark 14 years since this amazing group came into existence, there's no better time than now to take a little trip down history and rediscover old favourites all over again. For newer fans, a chance to get to know their older songs better!

Now a few very basic instructions for this poll:
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NEWS news.jpg

A message from the mods before going into this week’s updates: please remember to lock your posts as community members only, if it is one that involves sharing of media - such as posts to share stuff, and even request posts, as replies to these request posts will mean download links. We definitely do not want to get in risk losing a community to share information and files with everyone by having all these things floating in the open. Thank you for your understanding!

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Hi guys,
I want to give away TV Station and TV Guide clippings for free, because I have too many clippings.
The clippings are from 2010-2016 and beside SMAP, Kinki Kids, V6 and Kanjani8, all other Johnny's groups are still available.
(So also many from NEWS and YamaP.)

A few old clippings can you find at my LJ sale post [here] ☆ (Please ignore the price =))
Please tell me from which year and which group / member you want~~

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Hi,I just made some updates on my NEWS DVD Salespost.
I'm currently selling my NEWS Concert DVDs for PHP1,000 each!
For more details about the products,please visit my LJ:

Thank you soooo much to all the admins of news_jpop.
Spread the NEWS L-O-V-E!


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