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It was just announced on today's special episode of "Arashi ni Shiyagare", that this year's main personalities will be the following:

Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS), Sakurai Sho (Arashi) and Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN).

There wasn't much further information announced, other than this year's theme - "Confession" (Kokuhaku), and that the show will be held on 26-27 Aug 2017.

This year's the 40th edition of 24hr TV, and there were guesses of the main personality being Arashi, or even a KAT-TUN come back, seeing how the announcement was arranged within the episode of "Arashi ni Shiyare" which had Kame guesting, but it turned out to be the 3 casters at NTV! So many possibilites of how this year's 24hr TV can turn out to be, it's so extremely exciting.

Will update more information as they come!

(Goes back to throwing imaginary confetti in the air)
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Hello! I am new to Livejournal but I have been a fan of NEWS for about 6 years. However, because of school and work I was not able to keep up with them for about 3 years.. I am quite depressed about it and I'm very desperate for the concerts and documentaries with English sub... I am sort of okay with raw but I will not be able to understand what they are saying :( Please help me and I am very sorry to seem rude and needy out of nowhere.. But I have not seen NEWS for a long time and I'd like to get back on track.. And if anyone has the time, will you update me what their accomplishments and what they have done or any drama/movie or anything they did the past 3 years? You don't have to, but I'd like to know :) sorry to be asking a lot..
Here are the list of concerts and documentaries I need (with english sub):
o 10th anniversary
o Utsucon
o Tegomass no Seishun
o Life of NEWS (I really want this because I see short clips of it but I never got to see it :( so please send me this with eng subs.. I'm sorry..)

Thank you all for your time and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day
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[First-run edition]
*“NEVERLAND” exclusive special package
*28-page booklet
*Key to “NEVERLAND” enclosed
*ID to watch streaming contents enclosed
Providing special footage so you can enjoy the world of “NEVERLAND” even more!!
[Distribution Period] 3/21 Tue. 11:00-4/1 Sat. 16:59

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Just received the email from JFC about the release of the new album, "NEVERLAND", on Mar 22 2017!

details under the cut! )

CDJapan links are already up! So do pre-order your copies soon!
CDJapan Limited Ed
CDJapan Regular Ed

Can't wait to see how the concert will turn out, with such an album as the base! :D

sources: Johnny's net, JFC email
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Just a quick post!
Koyama just announced at Johnny's countdown before NEWS started singing weeeek that they'll be having a tour starting April!!!

tour dates under the cut! )

Great news to start the year with!!
Happy 2017 everyone!

Sources: Johnny's countdown, Johnny's net
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Hello panaas!! since no one post this here, I thought to make this post to sum up the news about our boys in case some of you not active in social media and missed some of this information ^^

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Jul. 7th, 2015 09:27 am
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Announced yesterday on johnny's net:

NEWS' new song "シリウス" (Shiriusu) (release TBD) was chosen as the theme for Wing's "Miss Surenda!" cm.

Omedetou NEWS~!
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It has been reported this morning that Koyama and Shige will have a new Friday night variety show, starting July 3 at 24:20 on TBS. Update: this is not a regular show as yet, but there are hopes that it will become one.

Titled 「激撮!インテリジェンスワイドショー『NEWSな2人』」/ Gekito! Interi Jensu waido sho NEWS na futari / Must See! The Super Intelligent Talk Show with the 2 from NEWS

And there seems to quite a focus on the fact that they are a newscaster and a writer who are both university graduates. In fact this article, refers to them as “インテリジャニーズ”コンビ [Intelligent Johnnys Combi].

In the first episode, Koyama spends the day in Akihabara, camera in hand visiting maid cafes, while Shige visits the Tokyo DARC [Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center].

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^o^ It's my first time posting to this group so I'm sorry if this isn't allowed.

CD Japan are hosting a poll where you can vote for your favourite group and share a comment as to why you love the group. It's not really to win anything but I thought it would be nice that we could all show our support to NEWS and show how much we really love their music.
NEWS currently stand at 3rd place.

How to vote:
Go to this link here on CdJapan's Page
Scroll down to: ' Show us your love! Vote a Johnny's group ' and click it.
It will then take you to a poll page, where you fill in the following*:

  • Your Country

  • Your Name

  • How long have you used their services?

  • Which band you would like to vote for

  • Your comments on why you love the band / support them.

* All Answers have to be written in English

Then you press submit and thats your vote casted! [ no registration is needed ]
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Don't think anyone has posted this yet, but it seems like 2015's going to be a good year for Shige!

new programme regular + publication! )
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Good news to start the week! Remember the one-off variety special that the boys did last October?

It's been announced on the NTV site today that there will be another episode of it on 13th April, 23:59 - 24:54! This time, it'll be known as "4 vs X", and comedians Hakata Daikichi & Hanamaru and Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna) will join them as presenters.

Let's hope this means that they're one step closer to getting a regular programme! :D


Just read that Koyama's getting a new programme too, "Kyaraoke 18 ban", every Sunday 17:00 - 17:25, starting 12th April!
The programme will be co-hosted by Hatori Shinichi (who's currently hosting Mirai Theatre with KoyaShige), and will be a singing programme.

more about the programme )

source 1; source 2
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Hello, everyone!

In September of last year we launched a new and actively moderated NEWS community for all fans. We are aware of the various other resources for news and media scattered around and outside of LiveJournal, but we hope to still make this community a spot where we can gather them all in one convenient place. Just as importantly, we also hope to make it a place for fans to actively interact with each other again aside from just being a resource site.

The moderators will do their best to oversee the posts, update the calendar, and organize masterposts, but of course a community cannot be run just by mods. To make a fan community for fans and by fans possible, we ask for everyone joining to share any info, media, fanwork, or start discussions (as long as they abide by the rules!). Please lend a helping hand to other fans who may not have access to all the information and resources!

The community is starting out modestly and it is far from perfect, but if possible we'd love for everyone to join and participate in this effort to build up and revive the NEWS Livejournal community.

Come and join!! [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans


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Um, I am not sure how posting goes. Since it's my first time posting here. And I don't know if screenshots from Johnny's net are copyrighted so... here goes.

Hi, Chankapanas! I sure am so delighted to know that after Kaguya, they were releasing a new album and as well as doing a live tour already!!! I know you're excited as well! This is a great start of NEWS' year, right? For NEWS and for us!

So, yeah. I did the honor of screen-capping the news (album release date, live tour schedules, prices, etc.) on Johnny's net and posted it here! :]


Let's all rejoice and celebrate this wonderful news brought to us by our beloved idols! Mods, please delete this post if I did the posting wrong. Thank you!
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Hellos! It was announced on Johnny's Net today that Shige's first novel, "Pink and Grey", will be made into a live-action movie :D

I went to read up a little and found the following information:

Director - Yukisada Isao ("Crying Out Love, In the Centre of the World", "Go!")
Scriptwriter - Horai Ryuta
Starring - Nakajima Yuto
Other cast members announced so far - Suda Masaki, Kaho, Kishii Yukino, Yagira Yuya

Shige's comment:
"When I first started writing it five years ago, I didn't even dream that it will be turned into a live-action movie. I often watch the director's works as I like them very much, so I'm very honoured to have him representing my view of the world, and am looking forward to it from the bottom of my heart. There aren't that many chances to have a junior playing a character that's projected from myself, but if it's going to be Nakajima-kun, I'm sure he'll be able to do it."

Filming is expected to begin mid-January and the movie is slated for a 2016 release.
Looks like 2015's off a great start! :D

Sources: Johnny's Net, Yahoo news, Nikkan Sports
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On Monday 6 October 2014, News will have a special variety show called 4x9!  At this stage, it is being billed as a special one off show, but we all hope that there will be more episodes.  Please read on for the best ways to show your support!

The Show:
4x9 (よんたいきゅう) (in romaji: yontaikyuu) is a variety show airing on NTV, Monday 6 October 2014, starting from 23:59.
The show will feature all four News members interacting via the internet with 9 other people.  (This explains the 4x9 title).
Hopefully the show will be funny, and bright, and very engaging.  From the previews, it appears that the News members are dressed in handsome black suits.  Definitely a show that News fans will want to watch!  Check out http://www.ntv.co.jp/4tai9/

The NTV Promotions:

To promote 4x9, all News members will be appearing on other NTV shows during Monday 6 October, as follows:

Sukkiri (スッキリ- Shige
PON - Tegoshi
Hirunan desu(ヒルナンデス)- Massu
News every - Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Massu
TORE - Koyama, Shige
(AND 4x9 at the end of the day!)

(No official word on when during each of these shows the members will be appearing.  Please check the online guide for the start and finish times - http://www.ntv.co.jp/program/. (It's the first column).

How to support 4x9:

There are a few ways to support News, the members and their new show.  Please check this tweet by @sg_paanas:http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sc7eik.  They have done a magnificent job of summarising what can and will help, with reference to http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2141163318535786601and @newskattuneito.

in brief: Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to like the 4x9 page and to tweet about it. Go to http://www.ntv.co.jp/4tai9/and tweet about the show.  Use the hashtag #4x9 before and during the broadcast. (Note the lowercase x in the hashtag.)  After the broadcast, send comments to NTV about the show - including a wish that it becomes a regular program!

Please check out sg_paanas tweet linked above for all the relevant info (including some handy japanese phrases if you need some help expressing your thoughts in japanese!)

If you can - pleast watch 4x9, and please try and engage on social media, especially twitter about it. Use twipple if you can, and the hastag.  Let's show NTV how much we are looking forward to and supporting 4x9!

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This started 2 months ago with an anon asking me to write a little bit about the band members. Me being me it ended up more than a little and even though the anon disappeared after the first post I got really into it, did a lot of research and wrote long detailed posts about each of the members. I tried to make them both informative and fun and I think I did really well.

Here are links to all the posts:

NEWS: History

NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya

NEWS: Masuda Takahisa

NEWS: Kato Shigeaki

NEWS: Koyama Keiichiro
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The DVD release we have all been waiting for has been announced!

NEWS 10th Anniversary in Tokyo Dome DVD will be released on March 19, 2014. There will be two releases on DVD (one limited edition, and one regular) and 2 releases on Blu-ray (one limited edition, and one regular).

It appears that both editions will feature the same video footage, with the limited edition being packaged differently (possibly similar to the Utsucon LE packaging) and including a special booklet.

The release will consist of 3 discs, and run for 298 minutes.

The usual suspects have the DVD/BR available for pre-order, but some vendors have already sold out of the LE version, so plan your purchases carefully.  I can't wait to see the concert, after all News makes you happy, makes the world happier!

Shop links below.... )
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As what has been previously stated in fanreports, there will be a special video on the NEWS anniversary event on JEHP on Sunday, September 15. However, there is a FAQ on the site regarding the video.

1. We can only view the video on personal computers with these system requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.5 or higher.

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher,  Safari 5 or higher, Chrome 13 or higher.

  • Plugin: Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher

To find what version of flash player you use now, check this site: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html

2. We will not be able to view the video on tablets and smartphones.

3.  We will not be able to download and save the video. IMPORTANT: If JE discovers that someone has ripped / recorded the video and uploaded it elsewhere (e.g. streaming sites or Facebook), they may remove the video even before September 15 is over. (Yup, the possibility is there.)

4. We will not be able to watch the video after the day is over. (Cue: Let's crash JEHP again on the day itself, shall we?)

5. We have a hint that the anniversary video is about Aikotoba ~ Te wo Hiite performance, but JE mentioned "we can't tell you about the contents of the video". And as to the possibility that it will be included in a DVD in the future, JE also hasn't specified anything.

They are just reminders, but please take note of number 3. We are aware that people are fond of sharing, but please refrain from publicly doing so on the day itself, lest JE catches on, removes the video and deprives us of such privileges in the future.

Source: http://www.jehp.jp/news/info/index.html?scroll=whatsnew_1, http://www.jehp.jp/news/info/10th_Anniversary/index.html and [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas and [livejournal.com profile] dara_z for kindly translating the info.


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