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Finally, NEWS album 'LIVE" is released by official.

on 2010.09.15

If you remember , 15th Sep 2003 was the day they debuted as 'NEWS'  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hontou ni ureshii \\(^^)//



Credit :: cdjapan // Johnny's ent.
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A few days ago, someone posted something about Miura Haruma being RUSS-K new image character.
A week ago, it also was announced on Kaku Kento's blog (Nippori in Tumbling for those who saw the drama ^_^) that he was to be the new image character for the brand.

I think we can say it's official that NEWS is no longer working with RUSS-K : have a look at the new website (which is absolutely beautiful BTW... Kaku is handsome <3 <3) and you'll see that it's all about Kaku, Miura and Ishida Nicole.
Amuse Inc. has replaced Johnny's Entertainment ^_^

Check here !

I'm really sad for NEWS 'cause for me, RUSS-K was all about NEWS, and the clothes really suited the members u_u NEWS have no longer any CM as a band T__T
(But I'm still glad that three Amuse talents were chosen,especially Kaku, who is one of my favourite from this agency <3)

[Delete if my post is not okay.=S]
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if i'm not mistaken, this has not been posted yet.

yamapi's appearance in shounen club to promote one in a million will be shown on 6/8 & 17/8.







18:00 - 18:50




17:05 - 17:55

credit source : johnnys-net
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YamaPi will be guest on next Music Station on 30th July.

Can't wait for watching his performance >.<
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Just checked SSTV's site and it says that Yamapi's new PV will be aired 07/21 at MEGA HITS 15:00~16:00

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Report from Tegomass 2nd live tour"Tegomasu no Ai" will be shown at July Shounen Club Premium.

Airing time: 2010/07/16, 18:00 - 18:50 JST
Rerun: 2010/07/20, 17:00 - 17:50 JST

Sources: j-net, SCP site
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Today JE announced the result about the tickets of Tegomass no Ai at Yoyogi


More performance again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on JULY 31st, 2010 - 2.00 pm.

Omedetou~~~ TEGOMASS!!!! 

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On this coming Monday, Massu will appear on Kei-chan news! presumably as Shige is out of the country ;) ....

24:00 - 24:30

Source: Johnny's Net:

Then on the 6 of July R-One (KAT-TUN's Ueda and Nakamaru's radio show), the guests will apparently be Koyama and Massu!

Credit for R-One news and image: Tsuyaka
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As reported here and here - Koyama and Shige will be appearing on "Hataraki Gai Daihyakka ~The Best 20 Companies You'd like to Try Working at Once~" on Wednesday night.

A few more details are now available.

Read more >>> )
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An email was sent to Fan Club members yesterday announcing that Yamapi will be making a solo appearance on Heyx3, the recording will be on Sunday June 27 and giving details to ballot for tickets. There was no mention of NEWS.

There is no official confirmation as yet to what this is about but there are rumours of a new solo single and concert tour.
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Official FC News Bulletin just came in!!!!

TegoMasu no Ai Concert will have three more concerts in Yoyogi!!!!

July 30 18:30
July 31 18:30
Aug 1 16:00

Tickets are 6,500Yen for FC members, plus 500yen handling fee.

Deadline is June 25.

Good luck everyone!!!
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Tegomass just announced more 3 performances at Yoyogi

wanna go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to hear this! \\(^^)//
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DVD release of the film "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita)" directed by Hans Canosa. Starring Japanese actress Maki Horikita, Japanese actors Kenichi Matsuyama and Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS, Tegomass). Plot: In September 2009, Naomi Sukuse falls from the stairs on the following day she falls in love with a man, and the accident make her lose her memory of recent four years. Three guys Yuji, Mirai, and Ace who know her approach to her in various way. Where is the lost memory of four years leading them. . . Includes a bonus DVD with making-of, cast interview with Maki Horikita, Kenichi Matsuyama, Yuya Tegoshi, and Anton Yelchin, event footage, trailers, TV spots, and a special photo card (subject to change).

(All product details, including availability, images, language(s), special features, and bonus extras, are subject to change without prior notice. Actual item weight may be different from the one indicated above.)

links and Hans' statement )
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Tegomass will appear in Jingu Outer Gardens Fireworks Festival 2010 (sponsored by Nikkan sports) on August 19 with ither 23 artist, include Masahiko Kondo (45). it said "in addition Matchy's junior, NEWS special unit, Tegomass, Tegoshi Yuya (22) and Masuda Takahisa (23) also appeared"

Read more... )
here is the official site : http://jinguhanabi.nikkansports.com/
we can see tegomasu picture!! it's rare to see Johnny's picture in website!!
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For all of you that didn't get a chance to buy the Chonmage Purin strap and presale ticket last weekend like me *kicks self for forgetting*

they are going to have more on sale on May 29th!!!


Good luck everyone!

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Yamapi's new Kirin Namacha endorsement is planning to challenge the Guinness world record with a super awesome, creative project! XDD
Read more about it here: yamasugee.livejournal.com/13333.html

Edit: Added some fanreports on the Ashita no Joe filming, will update as more come in: yamasugee.livejournal.com/13635.html#comments

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Here is TEGOMASS no AI Goods List from Johnny's net with all price of the goods.

Credit :: Johnny's net

1. Pamphet 2000 yen
2. Jumbo Uchiwa (2 types) 500 yen
3. Poster (3 types) 800 yen
4. Clearfile (3 types) 500 yen
5. Shopping Bag 900 yen
6. T-Shirt 2800 yen
7. Fcae Towel 1800 yen
8. Nuigurumi Mascot 1000 yen
9. Earphone Accessory 1000 yen
10. Wristbrand 700 yen
11. Tegomass Penlight 1300 yen
12. Original Photo Set (3 types) 600 yen

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I just checked this schedule here and found out Kei-chan will be guest on a special show of NTV tomorrow

It'll be aired in over 3 hours @__@
Could someone please tell me more about this show?
I wonder what kind of the show is XDD~


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