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Hi All

I've done my own translation for EMMA after I heard "omae wa warui onna"
@_@ whos a bad woman :P <3


my translation isnt perfect so if theres any pointers any senpai here would like to give, I'll gladly listen :)
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Hello, I translated the bit of EMMA lyrics we got from NEWS CDTV performance. It's not perfect but if you're interested you can click here :)
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Hi! I've translated Tegoshi's solo, "Anata". You can click here if you're interested! :)
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Hi! I've translated NEWS' ONE - for the win - so I thought I'd share it here! If interested, please click here~
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I have translated the 5th track:Fantasia from Tegomass' new album Tegomass no Seishun and I want to share my version with you :)
The song is so beautiful so I decided to do my first attempt of doing Tegomass song translation.

You can read it here in my journal.

I hope you like it,
Have a nice day!
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Lastly, bringing full lyrics and translation for "Aikotoba ~ Te wo Hiite". Taken from my notes during the concert, so I'm 95% certain they are correct.

Aikotoba ~ Te wo Hiite

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Credit for lyric picture from @saopipipi51 (twitter), I just do the part of re-type, edited a bit and romaji :D

Kocchi Onegaishimasu

I don't think it's all correct but still... :D
and please feel free to comment me if sth incorrect ^^
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Hello :)

Here's the romaji lyrics of Greedier by NEWS, if you want to sing along :). Beautiful song <3 <3

☆CLICK HERE☆   >Edited! a few modifications
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Hi ~

i just posted the romaji and kanji lyrics of Koimatsuri so if you wanna see it, here it is :)


it's unofficial and sometimes i'm not sure but hope it'll help ! :p

PS: did the translation too, posted the link in the end of the lyrics...
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What do you say of forgetting our problems and rants and to feel once again united and happy?

4+FAN Lyrics & Translation

Click above to read the lovely lyrics of the song that NEWS dedicated to all of us ♥
The song was played today on Koyama's radioshow and it's an adorable upbeat song with a touching meaning.
In my LJ you will find the lyrics in kanji and romaji (to sing it out loud :D) and the translation~
Enjoy ♪
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Hello all~

I want to share Tegomass - Neko Chuudoku lyric in Kanji, Romanji and translated in English and Indonesian.
If you interested, come to my jounal, here

Nya nya nya nya~
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Sharing to all the lyrics of the very first song I really liked from the Neko Chudoku album :)

Please click here for the lyrics: http://haelin.livejournal.com/32164.html

Enjoy~ :)

(it's my first post ever so please do point out if I made a mistake on tags or title)
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I transcribed and translated the lyrics of lovely Pokoponpekorya! ♥
Enjoy the cute nonsense clicking on the cake!

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I finally finished my translations. I wanted to make the translation as faithful as it could to express the lyrics. A subbed PV will be coming soon. I'll consider subbing the PV making if no one does it.
14 chankapaana [reg]
[set to release 2012.07.18]

01. チャンカパーナ (My Beloved*)
02. Starry (Koyama Solo Song)
03. ヴァンパイアはかく語りき (Thus the Vampire Speaks) (Shige Solo Song)
04. PeekaBoo... (Massu Solo Song)
05. Addict (Tegoshi Solo Song)
06. フルスイング (Full Swing)

credits to xwitinyx@jpopsuki & worst_love for the scans
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Hi everyone!

I've transcribed and translated all the songs from the Chankapana single release consisting of the main track, the b-side and the 4 member solo songs. Each link below goes to a separate entry. Enjoy!

Full Swing
Starry (Koyama Keiichiro)
Vampire wa Kaku Katariki (Kato Shigeaki)
PeekaBoo... (Masuda Takahisa)
Addict (Tegoshi Yuya)
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Hey guys~ After i heard the song this morning I just had to do this when i got back home~ =3 
It's a very sexy/romantic song~

Here's the LINK~  8D

Hope this is useful for you guys~ :P
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hey guys here's an attempt of mine, to translate Tegoshi's awesome song.
even though the title is kinda gross it has amazing lyrics so enjoy :)

Read more... )

PS: the pic is in HQ once you open it you can read the kanji clearly
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Hi everyone, I've attempted to translate Massu's Gotouchi (location) songs from the Mahou concert. This was a series of songs he wrote about each concert location, mainly about famous places and food lol, and were all performed. I had to split them up into 2 entries because LJ would get angry at me XD
Please follow the fake cuts below!

( Tokushima, Hokkaido, Niigata, Shizuoka, Aomori, Kumamoto )
( Ooita, Hiroshima, Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya )
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So, I kind of disappeared and now I'm back with very little to show for my absence! But stuff's in the workings, I promise.

Anyways, that's not Important. 

I'm here today to share some translations! :D I have a few of Ueda's solos, a couple of Ryo's, and a song each for KAT-TUN and NEWS right now, and I'd really love it if folks would tell me what they think :3 (oh, and please read the note I've got below the cut...)

A note about my translations, and links! )

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Hi everyone!

So I decided to romanize and translate the lyrics to Tegomass' "Mahou no Melody" so if you're interested, please take a look!  It's such a cute song and the PV is so adorable that I couldn't help but want to sing it and share my romanizations so that we can all sing it together! :D

This song uses a lot of words with a lot of meanings so please make sure to check my notes down at the bottom of the translation (follow the link! :D).  Once the official lyrics come out I will make sure to change it to match! :)

SCP Version Teaser (kanji is taken directly from the bottom of the video):



漠然とした感情も 言葉に出来ない微かな不安も
誰かがそっと 石ころ 放り投げたとき
揺れる 水面のように
ざわめく胸に響く 優しさ歌うようなメロディは
何処かで失くした 大事な 希望のかけらに

いつの間にか 目をそらしてたね
懐かしくて 涙あふれそうさ
歩んできた 道照らすように

魔法のメロディ 響き渡れもっと遠くへ
その憂いも その痛みも
どんなときも 口ずさめばAh
清しい風のような 旋律に こころ羽ばたかせて


Tegomass - Mahou no MERODI

bakuzen toshita kanjou mo  kotoba ni dekinai kasukana fuan mo
dare ka ga sotto  ishikoro  hourinageta toki
yureru minamo no you ni
zawameku mune ni hibiku  yasashisa utau you na MERODI wa
doko ka de nakushita  daiji na  kibou no kakera ni
mou ichido deaeta you de

itsu no ma ni ka  me wo sorashiteta ne
natsukashikute  namida afuresou sa
ayundekita  michi terasu you ni
omoi ga kikoetekita

mahou no MERODI  hibikiwatare motto tooku e
sono urei mo  sono itami mo
tokashite egao ni kaetekureru yo
donna toki mo  kuchizusameba Ah
sugashii kaze no you na  senritsu ni  kokoro habatakasete
doko made datte ikeru kara

(Click here for the rest of the song and the translations!)


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