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H A P P Y  1 0 v e  A N N I V E R S A R Y  N E W S ~ ! !

i know you’ve been through a lot of problems and trials, but you guys were strong to reach this point. We, your fans, will always be here to support and love you guys til the end! Unlike other fandoms, we were not that big or anything, but well we were strong enough to crash a site on your comeback *cough**cough*.. it was hard for us when NEWS was on hiatus but we knew it was harder on you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT GIVING UP THIS GROUP, THIS FRIENDSHIP, THIS FAMILY. i am really really proud to shout out to the world that i am a chankapaana!!

i wasn’t able to make something better for their anniversary, my work’s eating up all my time so this have to do XD those moving dots were supposed to be penlights from fans hahaha i need to practice more on that
^ o ^);;

i might as well share this here! it's my 10th Anniversary drawing for my NEWS babies! :'D HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT <3
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Henya! I want to share my NEWS fanart, the first time I draw NEWS as a group ^^

NEWS&amp;amp;amp;amp;#39; 10th Anniversary

For bigger version, click the pic to my journal [livejournal.com profile] agogo_kun . Comments are appreciated! :)
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Henya! Just wanna share my first NEWS fanart, it's for Massu and Shige's birthday ^^

MassuShige&amp;#39;s Birthday

For bigger version, go here to my journal [livejournal.com profile] agogo_kun . Comments are appreciated! :)
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I Mede one calendar for news,please take a look^^

Here or [livejournal.com profile] blossomart
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Hey guys (◕ᴥ◕)

Okay so this morning I was cleaning out my art folder and I found 2 NEWS related fanarts, so I thought I'd as well share it with you guys~ ♥  Click Here ---> NEWS

Oh and feel free to use them as you like. (even though they are very sucky-ish)
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hi guys~
i just feel like sharing my RYO NISHIKIDO portrait.. :))
took me three days to finish..
hope you kinda like it..
mata ne.. ♥♥
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Draco!Tegoshi was fun! So I decided to continue...

>>> click the pic to go to my journal! ^^
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Hi everyone!

Since I saw Tegoshi's new hair I thought I couldn't live without making a new fanart...

Click the pic to go to my journal...

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Its been a while since I made fanart ヽ(;▽;)ノ 

Click the pic for full view ;▽;
Its kinda big XD


Oct. 25th, 2011 01:43 pm
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I'm not sure if it's okay to post that since Ryo-chan isn't in NEWS anymore but seriously for me he'll always be in it, just like Yamapi, so I'm taking the chance and if it's not okay, just tell me and you can erase the post anytime :)

I made a vector for you guys ^^ One of Nishikido Ryo :'D Hope you like it ^^

< Photobucket

Vector is here or just click on the previews :)
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Doujinshi time! XD

I finally scanned all the doujinshi I bought last month, so you can download 9 new ones at my journal!

( Cut to my journal )

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The second batch of NEWS doujinshi is uploaded at my journal. Again, there are four of them.
Come over and have a look. :)

( Fake cut to my post )

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I scanned the first batch of NEWS doujinshi and posted them at my journal. There are four of them. Please come over and have a look. :)

( Fake cut to my post )

The doujinshi are all g-rated, in Japanese and with comedy elements.

Hope you enjoy them. :)
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Hello again~ :D

This time It's a quick Yamapi portrait~
Hope you like it :D

(Click on pic or here for enlarge and full entry)

*I hope nothing is wrong. LJ is making me problems~
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Ehehe~ I'm back. x)

Well... It is a Tegoshi's fanart! I hope you guys like. n_n~~
This is dedicated to my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] bunny_alice . <3


Click on it to see all!
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After four days on working on this...meme(?) I FINALLY FINISH! XD! i never thought it be so hard to TRACE...(well it wasn't really tracing but it was kinda like that) and making it KAT-TUN/ARASHI/NEWS is even harder T^T i'm so sorry that Tegomass came out...mess up cause no matter how much i erase and drew, i couldn't make it right (also i had to "add" tegoshi cause there was only 15 characters in the original Durarara! pic and i need 16!) hahaha anyways, sorry for the messy work and if it doesn't look like them =v= anyways!~ enjoy~


=Or click HERE=

Sorry ^^; x-posted
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the colors are inspired from this year's calendar.
Hope you guys enjoy it. ^^
  • NEWS
  • HSJ

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I don't normally post fan art but a friend of mine wanted to know what Shige's dress looked like when he dressed in drag for his play so I drew this from memory. I'm not sure if the bust is 100% accurate because it had some complicated lace and wires at the top to hide his lack of breast but I think you can get at least get an idea of what it looked like.

6 Gatsu Bitter Orange drag pic.
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ok, so i know this is technically k8, but i hope its ok since its only ryo. so i drew this picture from memory earlier this year when i was really bored in class. i recently found it and compared it to a real picture i have of ryo, and i didnt think it turned out too bad. here is the picture and in the cut is the real picture, please let me know what you think!

The REAL Yellow Ranger )


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