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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on livejournal. On Sunday I went to NEWS' concert in Tokyo Dome and I made a little video about it if anyone is interested to watch it. I hope it'll give everyone a little taste of what the concert was like :)

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I was lucky enough to attend the very first show of the Neverland tour this year in Sapporo! I've written up a report of my experience and included photos of the arena setup and the venue set, so if you're interested, please follow the fake cut to my journal!

( "Neverland" in Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, 2017.4.1 @ 5 pm )
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Hello Minna!

Sharing my experience in Nagoya. Detailed tour report can be found in my journal:

here )

Feel free to comment and add me as a friend! :D
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Went to the NEWS concert at Tokyo Dome yesterday. They performed "Chumu Chumu" for us! It was very exciting and adorable!

The report can be found here.

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dear all NEWS lovers,

here i want share with you guys MC report for Nagoya, Sapporo and Sendai show.

1. Nagoya 21th March 1st show
2. Nagoya 22th March 1st show
3. Nagoya 22th March 2nd show
4. Sapporo 28th March
5. Sapporo 29th March
6. Sendai 4th April
7.Sendai 5th April

i will updated soon for other shows later ^^ join yourself~
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 White Tour report covering the concerts in Sapporo and Sendai. :D

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Good evening/morning/very late time, folks!

Tonight I went to NEWS's event in Tokyo Dome and just now I cobbled together a mangled retelling of the proceedings over here!

Enjoy! :D
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Had a blast at the concert tonight! It was a long but fun 3 and a half hours.

Report for September 7th (Full report is up)

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Finally watched them live after 7 years of waiting and trying :')
Wanna know the alternate version of World Quest? Read in my journal~
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I attended my first NEWS concert.
If interested, clik on my LJ to read the report. :)
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Hello, everyone! Last night I saw NEWS in Kobe and wrote up a report over here. :)
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I was at tonight's rained-out concert, so you can find a report for Saturday night here. I hope to have a "full" report tomorrow.

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I've put some reports from the Kobe concert and from the Osaka fan event, if anyone want to read. It's NOT F-locked ^_^v

Kobe concert: http://nofareli.livejournal.com/42078.html
Fan event: http://nofareli.livejournal.com/42381.html

Hope you'll enjoy and sorry that it's not long...
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Hey people! This is my first time attending TM's concert and I recorded it! :D 

Follow the fake cut below:
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There's already a good summary of the Shizuoka concert, but here's a longer report of the concert from what I can remember :) Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Tegoshi!
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This past Thursday I went to see Tegomasu no Mahou in Niigata, so here's a report on the concert :)

follow for the magic
*unlocked for a week

Sorry I'm not one to write notes during a concert or memorize the setlist, so took it from the Tokushima report here. Thanks!!


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