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My friend just told me that Yama-P , Ryochan and Shige go to the final round of 'TM no Ai'
How sad am I T_____________T
wanna be the one in there!!!!!!!

Finally , all NEWS member are there ... Keichan , Shige , Yama-P and Ryochan (include Uchi also)


(added) Koki and Nakamaru also came to the concert too (Thanks to (amakoi))

And more good news from my lovely NEWS fan Emy-chan (yamapi85)

"NEWS new Album" also announced in the concert too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone! 

Just stopping by to share my report/review of tonight's first concert! 

Kimi ga iru kara..... )

Soon I sure will hand out audio rips of the shows, just drop me a line if you’d like to download and I will send you the link.
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I went to Tegomass's concert in Kagoshima on June 26th...I know it's almost a MONTH later, but I just got back from Japan and am finally getting around to posting it to the community ><

Tegomass in Kagoshima!

I hope you like it - it's not complete because I missed the last two songs + encore because I had to catch a plane back to Tokyo :[ but please read + enjoy! :]
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I have completed my concert reports (but excluding MCs) for Tegomasu no Ai's 4 Nagano shows, 2 Kagoshima shows and the Hall tour all-last Saga show.


Tegomasu no Ai at Nagano

Tegomasu no Ai at Kagoshima

Tegomasu no Ai at Saga
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I decided to do a (slightly vague and completely out-of-order) fanreport, for TegoMasu's 19/6 Nagano concert.


(links you to my wordpress blog, not an LJ)
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The final show for the Hall portion of the Tegomasu no Ai concert tour has just ended at 8.16pm at the Saga-shi Bunka Kaikan!
My brief report of the highlights of today's evening show!

Beware! Spoilers ahead!
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I went to both TegoMasu no Ai shows yesterday (Saturday) so I am sharing my reports for them!

First Show in Nagano Report is here.

Second Show in Nagano Report is here!!! Read about touching Massu!!!!
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I am very happy about this news

TODAY's guests of "Tegomasu no Ai"


 Shige!!!! and

Uchi only sat at the seat not appear on the stage.
But Keichan and Shige were on the stage.

'Uchi went there!!!!'
I didn't think about this before.
very very very happy ^_________________^

Will add more details if my friend tell me more  (^^)//


More infos by  v1nk25  (Thank you very much ^^)

"one more thing to highlight  ::  massu cried during encore...when they sang Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagamete okure"

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Here again, with another Pi report!!!

He wasn't actually there for this one, but he will become world famous because of it.

Read my report here.

and thanks everyone for commenting on my other report!! ♥
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I just got back to my hotel from a LOOOOONG day as an extra for Ashita no Joe.

Read my report here.
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Yamapi's new Kirin Namacha endorsement is planning to challenge the Guinness world record with a super awesome, creative project! XDD
Read more about it here: yamasugee.livejournal.com/13333.html

Edit: Added some fanreports on the Ashita no Joe filming, will update as more come in: yamasugee.livejournal.com/13635.html#comments

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I have posted some fanreports of the Ashita no Joe filming at my journal for those who may be interested!
Here are the ones for April 14th filming, read about Yamapi learning to enjoy beating people up: yamasugee.livejournal.com/12649.html#cutid1
There are some more for the previous days at [livejournal.com profile] yamasugee, and I'll continue to update here as more come out. =D

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JK Entertainment Podcast had an exclusive interview with Hans Canosa, director of "Dareke ga Watashi ni Kisu no Shite".  Come check it out at their website!!!!

To the Download links and Streaming Vids! )
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Here are some fanreports of the second day of Yamapi's Osaka concert!

At my LJ
January 6th: yamasugee.livejournal.com/2818.html#cutid1
January 7th: yamasugee.livejournal.com/3143.html#cutid1

There are many more reports around, and I'll keep updating both entries as I get around to translating them! =D
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I've made a masterpost compiling everything related to Yamapi's solo concert. It includes links to fan reports, pictures, TV clips and even things related to the Loveless single. It was for my own benefit I made the post but I figured other fans might benefit from it too. If I've missed out something, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Link below will lead to the post in my LJ. ^^

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Did it one more time! He rambled during the MC again, but it was fun to hear! Find out what he talked about here.

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Just a note for interested parties: the guest for Yamapi's afternoon concert today was KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki. :D


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