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I made fanvid for Flavor Favor For You, the 3rd track of Limited B One In A Million single

if you interesting, follow this link
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A video I made for Tegoshi. I think the lyrics really fit his personality... it's a good way of loving yourself~ :D
I used many videos, tried to make it as good as possible.

Please tell me if you liked it!
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2010.03.15 VS Arashi FNS14th Ganbatta Awards of CODE BLUE 2. Very HQ! thumbsup

Matsujun Vs. Yamapi :DD

(Download Here)
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this is the news about tegoshi's car accident.
i hope johnny will not stop him driving..
ahmm can anyone translate this vid..??

i want to know if he's fine .. *worried*

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I'm sure some of you have been anticipating this as much as I have.

You can do it, Shige! )
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Hi!Hi! ^w^
I like KoyaTego very much, so I thought that I make a fanvideo about them.
This is my first fanvideo X,DD

I hope you love it, too ^^

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Just for preview, I think there will have someone upload the HQ ver soon ^^

credit to pcupyamashita@YT
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Loveless performance-

PIN interview & Loveless performance
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[livejournal.com profile] mugendai_fansub has released the Italian version of Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide, both softsubed and hardsubbed version.
The community is friend locked, please subscribe to download.

Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide
Non dimenticatevi di Niini


- To the Mods : i hope the tags are right beacause i haven't find any "subtitle" tag >_<


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