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A week ago I went to a certain club in Roppongi.

I saw a picture of Kusano there

You may think 'nothing special'
But this picture was on a poster with new people 2010 INSIDE THE WOMENS TOILET!
I mean inside the stalls! XD

I think thats pretty funny, so I took a picture of it XD
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Today on Hanamaru Market Koyama's sister was featured!

For those of you that don't know, Koyama's sister has a blog. She posts about cooking delicious food that is super cheap. She also posts pictures of her two boys (the nephews that Kei likes to spoil so much) and they're really adorable!

She was on Hanamaru Market today because her blog is really popular. You can check out her blog Here

She's called "Mikimama" on her blog and that's what they called her on TV.

I took some screencaps from the segment that aired! These were taken from Keyhole so the quality isn't the best

Caps under the cut )

I didn't get any caps of the food but you can see pictures of her delicious food (and adorable boys) on her blog! She updates everyday~
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click here to the see the scan-->nana-newssuki.livejournal.com/6585.htmlハートチョキ
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In this article, he talks about how to real man, about his fan and dreams.
click the link to see the scans -> nana-newssuki.livejournal.com/5883.html
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Hi everyone!

I just want to share this hilarious picture of Shige, the "Fishing Rod Master".

I can't help but to laugh at how comical his face looks like. Teehee..XP

He's so kawaii. XD
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We have a growing amount of news member's dramas screencapped at [livejournal.com profile] jcktcaps .
All posts are open.
0 Goshitsu no Kyaku
Buzzer Beat
Code Blue
Code Blue Season 2
Nobuto wo Produce
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Kurosagi The Movie
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Tegomasu's PV is out! And I had to make some caps (how could I resist!) so yea, not HQ but if you want some captures of the PV, well here they are;D

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Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] watchful21 posted four new pictures of Kusano from the Cailly*Coo website, here.

I loaded it up this morning, and there's a whole new gallery section, with four more, totally adorable photos! Just click each image to full size it :)

3 more under the cut )
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My LE singles of Sakura Girl arrived today and I've taken pictures of it and shared it on my journal. If you want to avoid spoiling thing for yourself as you're waiting for your own copy, DO NOT click because it's full of spoiler photos. Enjoy!~
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My sister just sent me some pics about promoted single "Sakura Girl" in Shibuya and Harajuku to me.

Thanks a lot to my lovely sister ^^

Hope you all like these



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Yesterday i went to Ikea, I not only found furniture for a perfect pad but Johnny's!

What will a perfect pad look like?

(Click here!)
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I made a lot of screencaps of NEWS new PV


click the picture

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Just found some previews of Countdown 09-10 live shop photos on Yahoo!Auctions ! Ryô and Shige are still missing, and I found Koyama ones but there are no pictures. Seem to have been released on february 24.

Better previews here )
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I'm very happy to share with you the number of Josei Jishin with Shige!!

The preview of his photo session for the Calendar 2010-2011 ^___^

Scans + Translation @ [livejournal.com profile] spilledmilk25 
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I was doing my usual rounds on Yahoo Japan Auctions and came across this. It's Kei's shop photos released today from the 2009-2010 Johnny's Countdown. I'll update if I find more photos. I'm so excited, but my wallet is not. ^^'

*updated with Shige, Massu, and Tegoshi previews*


see the rest! )
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title: clandestine
artist: [livejournal.com profile] chartre 
pairing: nishikato
medium: tegaki
notes: anatomy fail written everywhere, and it looks like ryo hitting on himself fjkgdjkgh but it's totally ryo/shige. really. \o/

clandestine )
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Screen Caps of Yamato Nadeshiko ep 1

for much more click Here @ [livejournal.com profile] kamesoul 
p.s cho kawaii Tegoshi <333
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Just got the file from [livejournal.com profile] nanchant and I made caps coz I'm bored to celebrate Yuya's coming to Indonesia!!

Horse...no, buffalo-riding prince!!


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