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NEWS news (week of 18 June) - part 2

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Continuation of the previous updates for the week
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summaries of Shige's more recent works

Hello! If anyone is interested in Kato-sensei's recent works, here are the summaries of Daijina Mono, Ore-sama no Iu Toori and the 1st essay from his series in TRIPPER; I hope these can be of some help :)

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These NEWS goodies wants to find a new Chankapana owner!

These NEWS goodies wants to find a new home!

For the NEWS Pacific Concert DVD and WORLD QUEST CD/DVD information,just visit my LJ!
Never Ending Wonderful Story Concert DVD Regular Edition.
YesAsia Price: 2,764
CDJapan Price: 2,531
My Price: PHP 900

YesAsia Price: Out of Print
CDJapan Price: 643.69
My Price: PHP 550.

Second Item: Pacific Concert DVD Regular Edition.
YesAsia Price: 2,802.47
CDJapan Price: 2,531.08
My Price: PHP 1,250
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Permission to post again,Admin-san!
Thank you so much!
NEWS 10TH Anniversary concert.
Price at YesAsia.com - PHP 3,412.29
Price at CDJapan - PHP 3,049.33
My Price - 1,500
It has 3 dvd's.
First 2 DVDs: Part 1 and Part 2 of the concert.
Third DVD: Behind the scene footages.
Of course,I played the DVD'S for fangirling when I'm stressed but it's still in a good condition.
Includes Mini-Booklet
Free shipping or meet ups at SM MEGAMALL OR GATEWAY is OKAY!

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NEWS news (week of 11 June) - part 2

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Continuation to the previous updates for this week.

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NEWS news (week of 11 June) - part 1

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Due to length, the updates for this week will be separated into two posts.
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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on livejournal. On Sunday I went to NEWS' concert in Tokyo Dome and I made a little video about it if anyone is interested to watch it. I hope it'll give everyone a little taste of what the concert was like :)

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NEWS news (Tokyo Dome Final Special)

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Congratulations to NEWS, the staff, and juniors for successfully completing the Neverland Tour 2017!

ItteQ Turkey

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for english subtitles of Tegoshi's travel to Turkey from Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ. I'm waiting your helps ^-^

Thank you *-*

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Selling my NEWS (and other Johnny's groups) Collection

Hi everyone!

I don't have room to store all my Johnny's goods, so I am selling them so that they can find a nice new home. I have CDs, DVDs, Shop Photos, Magazines, Concert Goods etc. for NEWS, Arashi, KAT-TUN, HSJ, Sexy Zone, Kis-My-Ft2, and Johnny's Jr. You can find my NEWS items here. Sales posts for other groups can be found on my journal.
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NEWS news (week of 21 May)

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Updates over the week, plus yesterday's MC at Wakayama.
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NEWS news (week of 8 May)

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This week's updates - concert reports, appearances etc.
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Hello everyone

I just created a NEWS fanpage for Vietnamese fans, but there are contents for international fans too (like pictures, news update or jnet entries).
Link: https://www.facebook.com/NEWSfamilyVN/

Please support us by liking the page and sharing it with other NEWS fans if possible.

With so much love,

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NEWS news (week of 1 May)

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This week was relatively quiet, so it's mostly summaries of concert MCs.
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Self introduction

Hi all.
I am Mui and I just want to shout out here and that I just joined this community. I want to make friends while having a good time sharing and talking about NEWS. I have been a fan since 2010 when there were still 6 of them. Then, when I heard Yamapi and Ryochan left the group, I was so heartbroken and decided to move on. However, over the time I just kept coming back to NEWS and wanted to watch their concerts and listen to their musics again. Although I cannot understand Japanese very well, but I realized that Japanese people have a lot of expression making what they are saying is understandable just from seeing their gestures. I love Tegoshi so much and want to know updates about him. Is anyone in NEWS currently seeing someone (dating)? I want to know them all. Please be good to me. Yoroshikune.. ^^