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Seven Colors 720 p 178-tile-vert

Hey, I made a HD rip of Seven Colors PV and the talk part, /seperately/ and I uploaded it in case anybody needs it. ^^ The talk part`s quality didn`t turn out as nice as the PV though.
Anyway here are the links, they`re 4shared links, but if you guys needs an other site to download from I can try upload them somewhere else, too. ^^ I hope I linked and tagged everything well, if not just tell me. :)

PV (avi): Download
Talk (mp4): Download
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click HERE~! ^^...and then click on the red candy cane on the right side...only 20 seconds but still very cute, of course xD
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NOTE  the video is not mine im just sharing the link =)
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NOTE the video is not mine im just sharing the link =) 
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pics Massu programs and magazines (7)
Video HERE

Credits newskstm122221

and  previews from TV FAN & TV GUIDE PLUS (and others photos) HERE 
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Download: HERE
  on line: HERE 

NEWS: Keii will be in Hanamaru Market/Cafe
  on october 10th (8:30 Japan time)
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CREDITS TO sakurasora and youtube ^_^ 



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NEWS TOUR 2012 )

NEWS Announced their first Nationwide tour as 4 members, 7 cities 102,000 people in total.

8/14 Chichibu rugby field at 17:30 JST,
8/19 Marinmesse Fukuoka at 16:00JST,
8/26 Hotto Motto field Kobe at at 17:00JST,
9/2 Tokimesse Niigata Convention Center at 16:00JST,
9/9 Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena at 16:00JST,
9/15 Hiroshima Green Arena at 16:00jst,
9/30 Sapporo Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena at 16:00JST

Its their first time to have their lives in an open stadium, which is normally venues for Hanabi Tankai, The boys said they wanna try something new.

Tego: from 6 to 4, we might not be able to show the same show as before, the new live will show an absolutely different NEWS.

credits: news_je & Japanese fans on twitter
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Just want to share this with you guys~

So I was breezing through the Jpop forums today and found out that Hilcryme covered Naiyou no Nai Tegami. It can be heard at the start and the end of the video.
Dozou )
PS Mods I don't know if it is in the right tag~ and I don't know if this can be shared here so...
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Hi~ I've been silent here for a long while, but I'm back :Db
Just here to continue what people have been doing here recently ^^
yes, you said it! spread the news love :D
I was actually shocked they would actually split. ;_;
But I will always support News right now. I bet this is much more harder on them than us.
And you guys who make it possible to share and show support and always trying to find ways to tell NEWS how much we really support them, thank you. I'm grateful and I hope this fandom won't get any smaller just because News is getting smaller. I feel this place is a family.

So, I really hope this random post of video clips of news gives some comfort to everyone. ^0^/
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Hello guys, I wanna welcome the New Year with some Love and the first thing i wanna share is a recent clip of TegoMass in a Hunted House.... Mittemashou~

another clip is an old moment of TegoMass...
"Tego tried to punch Massu but in the end he's the one who got hurt"
kawaii~ XD

hope you enjoyed it!

HERE ^_^
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hello everyone, i don't know if it is allowed here (just delete it if not) i just wanna share the performance of the four songs included in the NEWS LIVE album DVD ^_^

you can check it out HERE
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I saw various clips for the August 15-18th Volley de Fever from lots of people ^_^ Hopefully they don't mind me uploading them on youtube, but here they are for everyone's viewing pleasure!

(I never thought I would love promotions so much~)
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More Kitty GYM goodies for you ^.^

New video I found of them. Sorryy, fake cut to my LJ ^.^;;

( [UBC Inside News] 060723 Kitty GYM - footage of the SC performance )
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5 Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8IxdUBoBx4

Are those leather pants in the 2nd picture? Pi in leather pants? *nosebleed*

UBC Inside: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxENwr04fHA

Both videos are in Thai, so I have no idea what they're saying, except the occasional "Yamapi", "Golf" and "Mike" XD
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Hi everyone!!!
I finished downloading NewS nippon 0304 from Bit torrent and I thought that I could share this to everyone!! Here's the site to download them:

Part1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5k5437
Part2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dk5g54
Part3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4qz271

There is another part and mostly its about the concert from "happy new year 2004".
I'll try to upload part2 during this week! Is it okay??
Just enjoy watching it everyone!!!
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I just did some random uploadings the other day, and thought I'd share it here.


A few PiPi mp3s
as well as 4Tops
an mp3 of K-Chan NEWS.

4 vids::
PiPi on rollercoaster
Meese Yoo Tonigh Miss You Tonight perf.
NEWS as princesses
Koysano as Doraemon

( MP3s & Vids can be found here. Enjoy =] )



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