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I translated the episode of september 1st  of Kchan News, in which Massu is a guest. If you're interested please take a look over at my lj: "Internet is scary!"
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Hi! This time I translated an older episode because I din't have time to listen to any new ones, but I hope you enjoy it ^^
Here is the link for those interested: My heart skipped a beat.
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Hi, everyone! I translated the lastest Kchan News, so if anyone is interested can read it over at my journal, here: http://yumenara-arashi.livejournal.com/9383.html
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Hello, guys!

I'm back in translating K-chan NEWS again! :D It feels so good to come back with a hilarious episode xD Thanks Shige!

I'm a week behind but I hope to post both the episode from last week and this week by this week :) I'm still sidelining with other translations and other things so I might not be able to translate Master Hits for the meantime (Sorry, Massu fans) >_< But I'll do my best to be consistent with them starting with K-chan NEWS starting this month ^^

Read translation: here

Enjoy~! :D 
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Hi! I translated K-chan News from 6th May. Guest is Massu. Those who would like to read it, please have a look here ^^
Enjoy ^^
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Happy Easter Day everyone!
I translated K-chan News from April 1st. Guest is Shigeaki-sensei. Those interested, please take a look here:
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Hi! I translated K-chan News from 18th February. The guest is Shige. Those interested have a look here http://yumenara-arashi.livejournal.com/3174.html

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Hey! I translated Kei-chan's radio show from 11th February. The guest is Massu.
Those interested have a look here http://yumenara-arashi.livejournal.com/2824.html
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So, I translated the K-chan News from 2014.02.04. If you're interested please have a look here ^^
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Hello! Sharing my latest translations:

Potato 08.2013 - Where KoyaTego make a cake for ShigeMassu's birthdays!

SoraShige Book summaries - The summaries of the most adorable parts of the radioshow of the last month!

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Hello, Chankapaana's!

I am 2 weeks behind, as usual with the translations >< But here are the radio translations for the last 2 weeks :D

K-chan NEWS:

May 01, 2013 (Guest: Tego)
May 08, 2013 (Guest: Shige) This episode is a must listen for those who want to know what happened during Keii-chan's birthday and for the Shige fans who want to see him be weird xDDD


May 03, 2013
May 10, 2013

As usual, I'm not uploading the episodes in mp3 whatsoever, but I can send it to you personally via request. If you want the mp3 for these radio episodes, please do send me a message or leave a comment :) And of course, don't forget to give me some love~♡

Enjoy~! :D
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Sharing the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio where the boys talked more about their recording session and upcoming single, how to be a soccer manager, and make a contest for their album artwork. Guess why Massu 'hates' the word 'yuu-kun' and  Tegoshi turned into an angry papa when someone kiss their fan? Read more here in my journal. Enjoy! 
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Sharing my latest translations as usual~

WINK UP 06.2013 + Q10

Clicking above you will reach the post of the interview of WU of this month, the theme was "Being pampered" and we get to know how each member of NEWS gets spoiled by the others. On the same post there's the popular Q10 where NEWS also drew a owl...

Then clicking here you can go read the summaries to the last two episodes of SORASHIGE BOOK as always ♪

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Hello, Chankapana's!

Hisashiburi deeeesu! I know I haven't been able to translate in the LOOOOONGEST time and I'm very very sorry that I've been failing to do so for the past few months ;__; I've been very very busy, but I'm not anymore~! 8D Yeeeey!

I was planning to translate from the time I stopped translating during the Christmas break, but I was still so busy during the holidays, so I only got free now ;A; So to make it up for the lost times, I translated the whole month this month :)

Sorry to keep you all waiting and I hope I'll have more time to update regularly now ;_; This serves as my birthday gift for our beloved leader who kept NEWS because I wasn't able to prepare anything for him orz I hope I make all the NEWS fans happy on his special day ;u; Happy birthday again, Keii-chan! ♡

K-chan NEWS:

April 3, 2013 (Guest: Massu)
April 10, 2013 (Guest: Shige)
April 17, 2013 (Guest: Shige)
April 24, 2013 (Guest: Tego)


April 5, 2013
April 12, 2013
April 19, 2013
April 26, 2013

There you go~! Hope you enjoy! :D Will post the one for this week when Master Hits is up :)

P.S. If you want the audio files for the eps I am no longer posting them for downloading because MF is acting up lately :( So if you want the audio for them, please do message me so that I can personally send them to you :) But I assume there are people who upload the episodes regularly, so I guess there's no problem xD 
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Sharing the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio, in which the boys played Neko Chuudoku, talked about Golden Week and ideal trip, their favorite quotes, mixed hot springs and many others. Guess why Tegoshi being all excited and said: 'shake it up baby!'? Read more here in my journal. Enjoy.  
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Sharing the summaries/translations to the last two episodes of Shige's radioshow SoraShige Book!

Episodes 93 & 94

There are many interesting and funny bits so...enjoy!
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Hi guys,
sharing the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio in which the boys were talking about hanami, were super surprised when they learned that their 11 yo fangirl already has a boyfriend, and talking about jealousy and the concept of being 'charai' (of course Massu needs to mention Kei-chan). They also announce a giveaway contest to get their radio goods (a cute ballpoint pen!). Read more HERE in my journal.
Enjoy and have a nice weekend!
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Today I share with you a translation of the funnier bits of Tuesday's episode of Kchan NEWS!
Guest was Shige who for the first time accepted to do the popular Mousou Kiss Situation and was pretty good in it!

Click on the banner and enjoy!
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sharing the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio, in which the boys talked about having KAT-TUN as their classmates, Tegoshi is a proud ambidextrous man, soccer, mini 4WD (duh!), and also about having a daughter in the future. Guess what kind of image does Massu have of Tegoshi's future son-in-law?

I also included a little piece of Masterhits translation where Massu talked about Neko Chuudoku. Read more HERE on my journal. Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Hi guys,
sharing the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio, where Tegoshi confessed that he's a (big?) fan of Momokuro, a fan called Massu 'omanju', and a 'maniac' fan describe his fave part of Tegoshi. Guess who has the slimmest legs? Read more HERE in my journal, enjoy! 


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