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Sharing some translations!

WiNK UP 2017 05
NEWS Question 10
Interview - on how they spend their time

Popolo 2017 05
On travel

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Sharing some translations!

WiNK UP 2017 03
NEWS Question 10

TV Life Premium 2017 Vol. 20
A short crosstalk on what they want to do as NEWS in 2017

Myojo 2017 04
4 imaginary love stories, written by the members themselves

Enjoy :)

And thank you all for the kind messages!
Will be doing my best together with the other mods to keep this community going :)
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Hello, I've translated EMMA and the two coupling songs!

Snow Dance

And here's a translation of their crosstalk about EMMA from one of the TV guides:

TV LIFE 2.17
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I hope people don't miss this post among all the spam ones!

Sharing some translations :)

Myojo 2016 12
The usual crosstalk - on their radio programmes

Winkup 2016 12
NEWS Question 10

Myojo 2017 01
Who's best at spending Christmas?

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Sharing some translations!

Myojo 2016 11
cross talk - on music programmes and some behind-the-scenes

Winkup 2016 11
NEWS Question 10

Myojo 2016 12
NEWS question relay!

Trying to get back to translations for their (likely) final year in these magazines. Enjoy! :)
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Back with a few magazine translations, though some of the information is already outdated as I'm now trying to catch up on the magazines! Here're the links if you're still interested to read them :)

Myojo 2015 04
The usual cross talk - living room
Additional translation - if NEWS were to live together...

Duet 2015 04
10 questions related to the concert

Enjoy! :)
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A couple of magazine translations!

Myojo 2015.03
living room - NEWS' cross talk

QLAP 2015.02
Koyama x Massu

Hope you have fun reading them :)
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Hellos! Here with two magazine translations.

Winkup 2015 02
Just the NEWS Question 10 bit.

Popolo 2015 01
Most of their pages, including an animal personality test!

Hope you have fun reading! :)
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Hello! Sharing translations of some bits of magazine articles :)

Wink Up 2015 01 - NEWS Question 10

Myojo 2015 02 - Living Room (NEWS Crosstalk)

Also just realised that nobody seems to have done the translation for Massu's interview in the Myojo solo cover series, so I've posted that too.

Massu's solo interview

Hope these come in useful! :)
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Hello, it's been a long time :)

I want to share with you my plot summary of Shige's latest novel "BURN".
The summary is very detailed so please be sure to read it only if you want to know everything about it.

Click the banner!

This post will be closed in 5 days so go read it and please respect my rules.

I also posted the translation to GIRL FRIENDS #20
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Hello! I've translated Tegoshi's solo article from the latest issue of Wink Up. I've been looking forward to this for months and I'm sure others have as well! Enjoy :)

Wink Up 2014.4 NEWS Solo Series: Tegoshi Yuya

ETA: I've also translated Tegoshi's Nikkan Sports article!
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I translated Koyama and Shige's WU cover articles for [livejournal.com profile] jpnforph's fund-raising and thought I could share them here, as well!

They both look back on the past 10 years, talk about themselves and NEWS a lot. I think both were interesting articles, so I hope you enjoy them! :3

Koyama Keiichiro, Wink Up 2013.12
( When I first heard that the two would be leaving, I blamed myself. )

Kato Shigeaki, Wink Up 2014.01
( the problem was me having no self-confidence )
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>Wink Up 12.2013 - Qs from fans<


New translation! NEWS members answer to fans question~ This time they're pretty original, enjoy ♪

>Photoshigenic #73<

Added the translation to latest Photoshigenic, Shige goes on talking about his goldfishes and about his new encounter with his kid fan~


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