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Hi everyone!
I saw some NEWS goods on twitter which I really liked

NEWS backpacks!

and phone covers!

I got them from this tweet
I don't know Japanese so I'd like to know ho to order them from this yahoo site... thank you so much in advance
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Hello minna! Does anybody know here if i can line up for tour goods one day ahead of the date in my ticket? I have a may 8 ticket for quartetto tour but i want to buy the goods one day ahead of time.
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Hello, lovely NEWS fans! :) So I just saw the announcement for the tour and would really like to be able to watch NEWS live this time. I know there's still the balloting and all (which I think I have no chance since I don't know anyone who can ballot for me), so it would be a long while before I can get resold tickets, but I just want to gather as much info as I can on this :))

I plan on watching the Osaka con on April 2 (12:30). I have been to Japan last year so I'm not so worried anymore about the visa and logistics, but I'm just quite concerned about getting the concert tickets (especially since I heard that Johnny's is now being strict when it comes to some groups like Arashi and V6).

I have watched an Arashi concert last year and got my ticket through ticket.co.jp, but I learned that now they don't accept international credit cards anymore, so I will need to secure a ticket through different means. Has anyone here tried to buy a ticket through deputies or other ways? How was your experience, and any tips? Also, would anyone have an idea how much good seats (arena or front row standing) cost for Osaka NEWS cons? (the ones for Arashi were hella expensive, but I guess the ones for NEWS will be cheaper, at least?)

Thank you in advance!! ^_^
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Hello dears,

After 8 years I will finally go to NEWS concert. やったあああああ
I would like to know if there is some fans coming as well to the last day of the White tour in Tokyo Dome on Sunday 14th.
I'm going alone so if  there is some lonely fans going as well, let me know and let's enjoy the show together...

Thank you

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Hi... Does anyone still have links to directions to Koyama's family owned restaurant? I've seen a lot of fan stories/reports years ago but I can't find them anymore. Would really appreciate help on this.

Thank you! :)
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Hi paanas!!
It's my first time posting here, so I hope I'm doing right
I'm looking for Tokyo dome concerts tickets, I want to attend both days, but Iam not in the fc and I can't ballot u.u
so I wonder if anybody here can help me with the ballot please,
thanks in advance! ^^
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As we all know, NEWS has announced their 2015 concert tour! :D

Is anyone planning on going? Which dates? I was thinking maybe some of us could plan to meet up and hang out!
Read more... )
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Hi All!! I have a question and hope someone can help me out here.
(It's my first time posting and I hope I tag this post correctly, if not please feel free to move)

I am was very excited to hear that NEWS will be doing a tour this year as I am planning to travel to Japan in June.
I know that I have to be a FC member to ballot for the tickets but I don't have a Japan address so I cant ballot.
And I can imigine the ticket on auction or ticket reselling site be crazy expensive and it will be out of my budget.

Is anyone in here a FC member (or know someone) who can help me to ballot the concert ticket?
I am hoping to go to the Hiroshima Concert on 6th&7th June and I only need one ticket for each day.

I really want to go to their concert and hope someone can help me out with the tickets.
Thank you!!
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Hello! I'm looking for videos of Ippuku Deshi ni shite kudasai 弟子にしてください!from the 4th episode up to the July 14th one? I've only seen the first one with the fisherman and the ones in Hakkeijima SeaParadise Aquarium and then i didn't have good internet connection to see the others >< fortunately i found the latest one (July 21st) but the others are deleted from dailymotion...
So if someone has the links or can upload it please comment ! thankyouu
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Hello! I have a few questions or more like a business proposal.

One: Is anyone going to post Live Monster? Because if not I'm going to do it.
Two: Is anyone subbing Live Monster? Because it needs to be done and I actually ended up translating most of the talk so if anyone wants to sub it I'd be glad to give my translations or the video if needed.

Update: Sorry, guys. But the person who shared the original files of the videos I've posted doesn't want them reposted. Inala gracefully agreed to post Live Monster though.
[identity profile] zzz-abc.livejournal.com
Hello there ^^
So i've been out of the fandom for quite a long time and i wonder where can i find subs for concerts bcs i just realized that i've lost some of them OTL
especially subs for Livex3,TMnoAi & TMnoMahou
I hope you're all willing to help me,thank you ^^
[identity profile] gackutolove.livejournal.com
so i have been out of the loop when it comes to j pop and other things for a while so i may have missed it but... why is it now that yamapi's music videos cant really be found on you tube anymore? i also noticed i didn't really any of kattuns videos either. did johnny have them removed or?
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Hi! It's my first time going to a Tegomass concert and truth is I don't have friends in the fandom. I've been to concerts of other artists but I've always been with friends, so now I feel a little lonely.

So, I was wondering if there are people who intend to come on 30th for their Yokohama concert, and maybe we could meet and line together for goods or do some other fangirlish stuff before the concert.

If someone is interested, yoroshiku onegaishimasu !
[identity profile] yumenara-arashi.livejournal.com
I want to attend the Tegomass concert on 29th March in Yokohama but I have one worry. I'm not a member of the FC so buying from ticket Japan has some risks. The thing is when I attended Arashi's concert last year they were asking for the member card at the same time with the ticket and they didn't let the ones who didn't have a card enter the venue. Plus, the names on the ticket that are from ticket jp. are all japanese and I'm a foreigner.

So what I want to ask is if someone has had problems entering the venue with ticket bought online. Some friends say that it's different with Arashi because their tickets are always resold for much higher prices, but as I see it's the same with all the Johnny's concerts, so I'm a little worried.
Any opinions?
[identity profile] kawaling.livejournal.com
Here I thought the application to the FC would be the most difficult part... How wrong I was... Now that Tegomass 4th concert has been announced, I find myself with detailed Japanese instructions on how to apply for a ticket >_>
Well, I managed to understand how to sell my soul to Kitagawa's kingdom - more or less - but there are still some obscure parts... For example, you can require up to 4 tickets for the same venue, but can you decide how they are distributed? I wanted to try and go to all the Osaka's concerts, but if I ask for 4 tickets and end up winning 4 for the same date... That would be a tragedy :(
This being said, is there a kind soul who can spare some time and help me clear out my doubts? That would be highly appreciated...
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First time posting here, I read the Rules and the Tagging system posts, so I hope I'm doing it right...
However, as the title of the post suggests, I wanted to ask some information about News Family Club Membership. I recently moved to Japan with a student visa and was finally able to purchase a mobile phone (necessary for the membership subscription) and I immediately followed the instructions on the site to become a member of the fanclub, went to the post office to pay the fee and all...
Question: what happens now? Do I receive further information per mail? How much time does it usually pass after the payment till the membership is confirmed?
I really would like some advice from someone who went through the same process...
Thank you!
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i know it's a little late and last minute but I was wondering if anyone was attending the concert and doing concert good sales! I'm interested in the shirt! But also does anyone have the list for the concert goods this year?

please let me know, I love the designs this year!

thank you!
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HI! I hope I'm able to post this here, mod =)

Good news, Pink to Gray manga book 2 is out in store!

Bad news, I need raws to work on the scanlations, I know I have delayed the chapter 4, but it's coming soon, now it left QC and it's done!!
Can anyone provide me the raws from Chapter 7 onwards (most likely the book 2)? You will be credit, so no worries! Please contact me thru my LJ or Pink to Gray manga facebook!

Thank you so much!
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Hello ~

i'm just wondering if anyone can help me with thisa
i'm looking for Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui 's soft subs

i've tried Polt boxes but they're no longer available on the servers they uploaded them on :(

can anyone upload them for me ?

or does anyone have any DLing links ? *V* ?

i just wanted to translate the drama into Arabic :S

too late ,IKR? m(__ __)m

thank you anyway ^^"
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Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, so if its not, dear mods, please feel free to take this down.

I'm just wondering if anyone here have seen or read any fan report on Massu's Strange Fruit play?

I've been waiting and scouring the net for any fan reports for his Tokyo show,but have not been able to find anything.

It'd be awesome if someone can share on any fan reports for Massu's show.



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