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Offering to help International NEWS fans join the official Japanese Membership.

We can help 3 people for NEWS fanclub. This address is the one we used for our Arashi membership and we can lend them to you. Do let me know. Thanks.

PM me for details. Thanks.
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In anticipation for the upcoming tour, Paana Playground is hosting a fan project, with the aim of taking a small peice of all International Paana's love/passion/thoughts into a NEWS concert. Help us to create a hand-made uchiwa that represents us all and that the boys may get an opportunity to see.

For more information on the project go here

Fan project timeline:
1st stage: Gathering where Paanas are from / nicknames to write messages (END DATE 4 March 2016)
2nd stage: Designing the uchiwa
3rd stage: It will be made and taken to the con~!

Stage one has commenced. We are looking forward to your participation.

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xmas card exchange image.jpg

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching, and so too is the time of giving and sharing. So why not take advantage of this time to reach out and send our love to fellow paanas. Paana Playground is hosting a card exchange to and from Paanas all over the world.

For more information click the image above to be directed to the exchange master post.
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Hello everyone!! So here again, who's interessted please write me a mssage :D
NEWS and TEGOMASS CD's and Concert DVD's <3 Also concert goods!! <3 Please visit my channel <3




NEWS - Pacific 2007/2008 Regular Edition DVD - LIKE NEW!! with Booklet - 45€
NEWS - Never Ending Wonderful Story Regular Edition (Taiwan Edition!!) - 20€ (case is a little bit broken)
NEWS - NEWS NIPPON 0304 DVD - LIKE NEW!! with Booklet - 25€


Tegomass - Tegomass no Ai Limited Edition DVD - LIKE NEW!! with Booklet - 55€
Tegomass - Tegomass no Mahou Limited Edition DVD - with Booklet - 55€

CD's with DVD :D


NEWS - Chankapana Limited Edition CD - LIKE NEWS!! - 4 CD'S - 60€
NEWS - ''NEWS'' Album LE with booklet - LIKE NEW!! - CD and DVD! - 40€ (with ''Live of NEWS'')
NEWS - World Quest Single LE with booklet - 10€
NEWS - touch Album with booklet - LIKE NEW!! CD and DVD! - 15€


Tegomass - Tegomass no Uta Album LE with booklet!! CD and DVD! - 15€
Tegomass - Sayonara no sayonara Single LE with booklet!! - CD and DVD! - LIKE NEW!! - 15€
Tegomass - Neko Chuudoku Single LE A with booklet!! - CD and DVD! - 10€
Tegomass - Neko Chuudoku Single LE B with booklet!! - CD and DVD - 10€
Tegomass - Tegomass no Seishun Album LE with booklet!! - CD and DVD - LIKE NEW!! - 20€
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As we all know, NEWS has announced their 2015 concert tour! :D

Is anyone planning on going? Which dates? I was thinking maybe some of us could plan to meet up and hang out!
Read more... )
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Please visit my sale post!
I'm from Austria and selling international!

I'm using Paypal :D
Here's the link to my sale post!!


NEWS & Tegomass (T-Shirts, Goods, Photo books, Special Items, Poster)


NEWS makes you happy! Makes the world happier! (20€) -like new!!
NEWS Utsukushi ni koi suru yo T-Shirt (20€) -like new!!
NEWS pacific (7€) -a little washed out
Tegomass Kuma Parker (30€) -like new!!
24h Television 2013 (15€) -like new!!


10th Anniversary Clock (50€)
Utsukushi koi ni suru yo case (5€)


BIG Chankapaana Poster -front and back- (5€)
NEWS Fanclub member brochure 007 (3€)
NEWS Fanclub member brochure 008 (3€)
NEWS Fanclub member brochure 009 (3€)
Happy New Year member card 2014 (4€)
NEWS Photo book (10€)
Tegomass mini photo book 2014 (8€)
Clipping - Massu,Koyama,Tegoshi (2€)
Clearfile Tegoshi - (5€)

Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, ABC-Z

Sexy Zone - King & Queen & Joker Limited with DVD + Sexy Zone Flyer from Japan xD (10€)
ABC-Z - Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z (10€)
Kis-My-Ft2 CD box (3€)
MYOJO 2 - with Koyama J-nude!! (10€)
POTATO 1 January - with poster (5€)
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I want to attend the Tegomass concert on 29th March in Yokohama but I have one worry. I'm not a member of the FC so buying from ticket Japan has some risks. The thing is when I attended Arashi's concert last year they were asking for the member card at the same time with the ticket and they didn't let the ones who didn't have a card enter the venue. Plus, the names on the ticket that are from ticket jp. are all japanese and I'm a foreigner.

So what I want to ask is if someone has had problems entering the venue with ticket bought online. Some friends say that it's different with Arashi because their tickets are always resold for much higher prices, but as I see it's the same with all the Johnny's concerts, so I'm a little worried.
Any opinions?
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Dear fellow Tegomass fans,
I tried everything in my power, I joined the fanclub, I joined the lottery...but I lost...
If you know someone who's looking for a partner (or selling tickets) for the concerts in Osaka, I beg you to let me know!
Thank you very much!!
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I'm running a shop photo giveaway for the last time.
I have one 10ve Anniversary Shop and a group con photo set to giveaway.
Click the picture or visit my journal for more information.
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Hey all,

I volunteered to help with making a song for the supportive event that the community is doing for NEWS 10 year anniversary. I did a cover of their 4+fans song and changed lyrics to make it a reply to them. I know it's cutting it very close but I would like to have as many people sing and send me their version so I can hopefully group it up into a group effort if possible. The demo link and lyrics are on my page (http://elene-24.livejournal.com/).

Sorry if I didn't tag this properly! Could not really tell how else to tag this.

Please help!
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As I have done in the past, I'm giving away another shop photo this month.
There is a small challenge to participate.
For details click the picture.

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My heart is full of love for you. I'm thankful because I met you. You will forever be the man of my dreams. And yes,I know your name is "K." Happy Birthday,Dear Kei-chan! <3<3<3
p.s. to Shige,Massu and Tegoshi----please stop bullying your riida! Hahahaha!!!!

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Dear Chankapana~

This is my first post here in this community.
first of all,
I'm sorry if this kind of post is not allowed to posted here in this community.

I am a student of business and management major.
This year I take marketing class and had a task to do a research about business market.
this task is a group task. so I do this survey with my friend ([livejournal.com profile] yukataiyou)
since we both love Johnny's and we think Johnny's Entertainment is a very good examples for this marketing survey,
So we decided to create a survey about Johnny's Entertainment market.

We'll be very happy if you guys could help us to fill this form.
Thank you very much :)
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JE Shop Photo Giveaway 7

shopphoto giveaway

Giving away another random shop photo.
No picture is yet determined so the winner gets tell me exactly who they want a picture of.
As always there is a small flailing challenge to complete to enter.

For more info click the pic to get to the giveaway post.

PS. Am only cross posting this in 2 communities... if you want to share it elsewhere feel free to share the love ^^
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I have joined Kato Sensei's Photo Contest!! I need support from everyone~


Please LIKE it~ and if can share it~
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Hello minna! I just saw Music Station last night and I found something really got my interest. It's no other than Tegoshi.
And I was surprised by this!

tego music station
kyari music station
Tego did Kyari's dance and Kyari did Tego's pose! o_O
btw, they sat next to each other also during almost the whole show hahaha

I "smell" something now between them lol.. I'm just curious actually haha..

Actually I don't mind if they gonna be a couple soon. Both of them are cute and the match each other I think :)

What do you guys think?
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I created a calendar to take note of all the promotions Shige will have for the release of his second novel "Senkou Scramble".
I will update all the magazines that will have Shige's interviews, TVshows where he will be guest and all kind of promotion events ^^

Click to go to the post~

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I'm here just to talk about something that I just saw...

Look at this video of Shounen Club first:

Reconized the clothes?

One time I heard Arashi saying that when they started as a group, at the beggining they all wear the senpai's old concert clothes.
But I never saw this. (Maybe because I'm too young to know the old clothes of TOKIO or SMAP for exemple)

This post may be pointless, but I was happy to see JohnnysJr. wearing NEWS's concert clothes.

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hey malaysian chankapaana!!

our community Malaysian NEWS Fans Group@facebook will having screening party for NEWS utsukoi DVD!!


Date: 17th February 2013
Place: Red Box Low Yat
Time: 11am-4pm
Fee: RM16++
Theme: Japan Jersey NEWS 4

for more details, please contact me, [livejournal.com profile] newskattuneito at LJ or twitter, or also you can go to our facebook community-> Malaysian NEWS fans Group


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