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Hello! I am new to Livejournal but I have been a fan of NEWS for about 6 years. However, because of school and work I was not able to keep up with them for about 3 years.. I am quite depressed about it and I'm very desperate for the concerts and documentaries with English sub... I am sort of okay with raw but I will not be able to understand what they are saying :( Please help me and I am very sorry to seem rude and needy out of nowhere.. But I have not seen NEWS for a long time and I'd like to get back on track.. And if anyone has the time, will you update me what their accomplishments and what they have done or any drama/movie or anything they did the past 3 years? You don't have to, but I'd like to know :) sorry to be asking a lot..
Here are the list of concerts and documentaries I need (with english sub):
o 10th anniversary
o Utsucon
o Tegomass no Seishun
o Life of NEWS (I really want this because I see short clips of it but I never got to see it :( so please send me this with eng subs.. I'm sorry..)

Thank you all for your time and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day
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Hello! Just wanted to share a little something I wrote for Massu's birthday. I was supposed to write a fic, but I ended up writing a little something about what I've been reading over Japanese and Chinese sites about Massu's love life. This is no biggie. Just some rumors that spread over Chinese and Japanese sites so no need to panic. :) These are rumors after all. BTW, this is my first time posting in News_jpop and tbh, I'm not sure If I'm doing this right so, feel free to remove this if it violates some rules!

Click the image to proceed to my post :)

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ast Jan 14th, gyaru star Masuwaka Tsubasa announced on her blog that she and her husband for 4 years, Umeda Naoki, are divorcing. The mother of one did not specify the reason for their divorce though it seem like a mutual decision.

However, there have been circulating rumors that Masuwaka is allegedly having an affair with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS, which is one of the reasons for the divorce.

“It is with T, who plays an active part in N from a four-person group. The two are intimate-friends who are often seen hanging-out from Ropponggi to Shibuya. This tidbit is supplied by a friend of Umeda; however, the truth seems unlikely to be revealed ever, ” according to an entertainment weekly reporter.

Tegoshi and Masuwaka dating rumors started circulating via twitter last 2011. The two were reportedly seen together during a summer festival but there are no pictures to prove this claim. In addition, Masukawa’s rumored dating relationship with Tegoshi is also an affair since the gyaru star is also rumored to be involved with a company’s president, who also happens to be married.

This is not the 1st time that Tegoshi got rumored in a couple’s divorce. When MLB star Darvish Yu and model/actress Saeko parted ways earlier last year, he was also rumored to be one of the reasons for divorce.

(c) みくにゃん via http://www.facebook.com/nakajimasara

sources http://jenewsdaily.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/rumor-tegoshi-yuya-is-the-reason-for-masuwakas-divorce/

ohhh~ how true is this? O.o
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My friend just send me this:
"[UNCONFIRMED] according to TegoMass no Radio, NEWS or Tegomass might be singing the official song for TOYOTA FIFA Club World Cup"
Did someone listen Tegomass no radio recently and heard something like that?
If it's confirmed it would be so great ^^
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A mysterious special counter has appeared on the official Johnny's Entertainment homepage today.

The #4 is constantly change colors from purple, green, yellow and pink while counting down to Saturday night (Midnight Japan time).

Another hint was found in Koyama Keiichirou's most recent update for the joint J-web "NEWS RING" on 4/11:
Partial translation under the cut! )

Johnny's Official HP, J-web (translated by me)

Anyone else excited??
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Hello everyone~
It's strange no one post it in here yet,
but news_je twitted this:

"On next week's KchanNEWS with massu, there will be a big announcement"
"there a rumour going around among japanese fans, according to CD shop clerks, NEWS has a new song/CD coming out mid-January"
"Until then lets wait for the formal announcements and the "big" announcement on KchanNEWS next week ^^"

So... that's it
Let's all wait for the BIG announcement and hope for the best!

NEWS Fandom - South America -
sorry if there are some grammar problem in this post... english isn't my first language.


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:11 pm
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I don't know if this is a valid post. It's actually my first in this comm. I just wanna clarify if the "Yamapi going solo and thus, end of NEWS" rumors are true? And where did this issue start off?

Thank you very much. If ever this post violates any rules of the comm, please do so whatever is appropriate, mod-tachi.
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Hi!!! There's a rumour that NEWS will release a new Single titled [On Your Way] at July 6. I hope it's true!

Get the link here... )
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Have you heard about the Yamapi-Toma-Yamada Yuu gossip???

I scanned it and translated it in english and french.

if you wanna read, I invite you to go to my lj[livejournal.com profile] pockysiana  ^w^

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i`m not sure if this is allowed
and don`t know wich tags to use
but there is NEWS include of course

Reborn J-FRIENDS unit has been decided

Read more... )

credits - [livejournal.com profile] jillia_and_luca  and 2chan
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           Just an English lesson? lol

There is some interesting development regarding the new girlfriend of Yamashita Tomohisa.

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Yamashita Tomohisa (a.k.a. Yamapi) revealed through a recent interview that he’d like to work with JYJ’s Jaejoong in the future. “Jaejoong and I promised to work together someday. I really want to do it if there is any chance,” he said.

read more.

that! plus leaked pictures of pi and his 'newest diversion' coming from arama here :D
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Yamashita Tomohisa (25) seems to be involved in quite a bit of dating rumors recently; It was previously reported that he had gone on a date with a foreign woman, and now ‘FRIDAY’ has caught him on another date with a beautiful blonde French woman. 


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well, well, what do we have here? another rumor again huh?
i got this from
[info]aramatheydidnt  but it's originally from [info]zurui_koi 
rumors are so "in" these days, don't you think? XD

yamapi and koki are our main stars for today plus sho and shirota on the side :D

read more
here @ [info]tesshimassu 

x-posted on other JE comms :)
*will be f-locked after 24 hours :)

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Due to some requests, i deleted the picture but you can still see it on my journal :D

NOTE: If you're too hurt to read something like this then you're very much welcome to disregard this post. ^^

Weekly gossip magazine, Shukan Bunshun reported on its latest issue about various Johnny Entertainment boys’ and a sex scandal which was revealed by porno actress Makinoda Aya, whom committed suicide last month.

Read more
here @ [info]tesshimassu 

PS: x-posted on other JE communities.

*Will be f-locked after 24 hours for safety purposes XD

(If ever this post is already f-locked, you can add me up and send me a message and i'll add you back for you to be able to read this)

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BAM! More gossipy goodness involving Ryo being a suave mofo and redeeming himself and Ohno being seriously whipped.

This one is safe for everyone I think 8D

~Come on over here to read it~
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Whoooo! Ryo's up to his old tricks again 8D

If you find misadventures in nightclubs and stories of Ryo unleashing the fury amusing then come on over - if you find gossip articles exaggerated, encroaching on privacy, or just plain mean, then this is probably not something that will interest you this time around.

~Read it over here~
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Gossip/news on Yamapi and Keiko over here ---> at zurui_koi <---

Public entry, for anyone who is into reading this junk ;)
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I saw my friend's FB status this morning, and she said that KOYASHIGE will debut in next spring. Is that true or not ?

i'm pretty shocked when i read that. Well, honestly.. i'm not really happy if that's true. Don't get me wrong. I'll support every single thing NEWS member activity.
But, if KoyaShige got their debut too.. so what will happen with NEWS then ??

If you guys, have information about this news. Please tell me..

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all credits to:



The Japanese magazine 女性セブン (Josei Seven) edition released on September 16 has published pictures of Johnny’s Jr. member Hiroki Uchi (24) with a woman the magazine reports to be his girlfriend, actress Rena Sasamoto (25).

Josei Seven have published photos of the couple at the airport, having returned from a holiday in Hawaii. The couple were then photographed putting their luggage into Sasamoto’s parents' car, before reportedly driving off to Sasamoto’s home in Chiba.

The two had met while working on the stage musical of “Guys and Dolls” earlier this year.


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