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Hi All

I've done my own translation for EMMA after I heard "omae wa warui onna"
@_@ whos a bad woman :P <3


my translation isnt perfect so if theres any pointers any senpai here would like to give, I'll gladly listen :)
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Hello, I translated the bit of EMMA lyrics we got from NEWS CDTV performance. It's not perfect but if you're interested you can click here :)
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Typed up the romaji for the title song of their new single.
Cool and muskateer-ish!
Read at my journal here
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Hi! I've translated Tegoshi's solo, "Anata". You can click here if you're interested! :)
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Doumo minna

yeay NEWS new single are out to day and of course there is a new song
and here it is the Romanization that i made, douzo ^^

click the image to my lj

NEWS - One
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Hi! I've translated NEWS' ONE - for the win - so I thought I'd share it here! If interested, please click here~
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Unofficial but here are the romaji lyrics!

Click HERE to go on my journal :)
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hi, minna finaly Tegomass no Seishun released \(^^)/

here i'm doing some romanization for the lyrics, if you like just visit my Lj by Clicking the image

Sankyuu ^^

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Hello ^^ As a little christmas present I translated all of the songs from the NEWS album, it will be open for anyone to look at until the New Year when I'll probably member lock it, so go take a look if you want x)

Here it is~ http://mahou-news.livejournal.com/12409.html Merry Christmas!
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Lastly, bringing full lyrics and translation for "Aikotoba ~ Te wo Hiite". Taken from my notes during the concert, so I'm 95% certain they are correct.

Aikotoba ~ Te wo Hiite

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Credit for lyric picture from @saopipipi51 (twitter), I just do the part of re-type, edited a bit and romaji :D

Kocchi Onegaishimasu

I don't think it's all correct but still... :D
and please feel free to comment me if sth incorrect ^^
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album released yeay \(^^)/.

to day i do Romaji for the lyrics of the song in NEWS album, maybe you will do some singing along with NEWS ^^

if you guys will, pease visit my LJ by kilking the pic. Thax b4 ^^

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Hello :)

Here's the romaji lyrics of Greedier by NEWS, if you want to sing along :). Beautiful song <3 <3

☆CLICK HERE☆   >Edited! a few modifications
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Hi ~

i just posted the romaji and kanji lyrics of Koimatsuri so if you wanna see it, here it is :)


it's unofficial and sometimes i'm not sure but hope it'll help ! :p

PS: did the translation too, posted the link in the end of the lyrics...
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What do you say of forgetting our problems and rants and to feel once again united and happy?

4+FAN Lyrics & Translation

Click above to read the lovely lyrics of the song that NEWS dedicated to all of us ♥
The song was played today on Koyama's radioshow and it's an adorable upbeat song with a touching meaning.
In my LJ you will find the lyrics in kanji and romaji (to sing it out loud :D) and the translation~
Enjoy ♪
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Hello all~

I want to share Tegomass - Neko Chuudoku lyric in Kanji, Romanji and translated in English and Indonesian.
If you interested, come to my jounal, here

Nya nya nya nya~
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Sharing to all the lyrics of the very first song I really liked from the Neko Chudoku album :)

Please click here for the lyrics: http://haelin.livejournal.com/32164.html

Enjoy~ :)

(it's my first post ever so please do point out if I made a mistake on tags or title)
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Hi guys,
would like to share the romaji lyrics and translation of Tegomass latest songs which are included on their latest single. Just click on the links below if you're interested:

Sayonara ni Sayonara

Hitori Ja Nai

Komorebi Memories

Enjoy the (bitter)sweet world of Tegomass (♥∀♥)
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I transcribed and translated the lyrics of lovely Pokoponpekorya! ♥
Enjoy the cute nonsense clicking on the cake!

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Hey Chankapaanas! =D

I'm sharing another German lyric translation of colorcoded lyrics. This time it's one of my favorite songs - NEWS's "Full Swing" (B-side of "Chankapaana" RE). I really love that song, the melody, the arrangement... and the meaning of the lyrics. It's perfect to describe the way of our boys back to stage so to say. It captures the feeling of wanting to start something anew, to continue and to never give up! I think the lyrics does not even fit to NEWS's condition at the time of the release but it is a message to everyone of us as well. I wished I would be that strong so that I could follow my dreams. I think I have to give my best in the future to catch up with NEWS XD Haha

In adition to the translation I also provide a new Wallpaper with our four guys, matching the song (preview is the image above). I had this idea for a long time and finally there was the time to share with you =) I hope you like both, the translation and the Wallpapers!

Follow this links for high resolution Wallie & German lyric translation of "Full Swing)


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