Mar. 31st, 2013 11:15 pm
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Hi, everyone!

Just sharing some wallpapers again...

just click on sleepy Koyama to go to my journal and get all of them! ^^
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hi, everyone!

because I couldn't resist to ruthless and sexy masuda, i made this wallpaper!

feel free to take it! ^_^
you can also share it. just don't steal, ok?
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Hi, I have one wallpaper :)
Well, it's sad because it just one *sigh*. I want to make a bunch but somehow, I don't have any interesting pictures or scans more than this! LOL..

Grab the cuteness here!
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Hi, here's 2 wallpapers of Shige and Tego :3
It's my first time to make a wallpaper of them.


wallie shige1wallie tego1 
grab them here !
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Hello! I made 2 wallies.

Please come to my journal to grab them :D
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Hi everyone!

Made some new wallies... Just come to my journal and grab some! ^^

kochi, kochi!
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Chankapaanaaaas! XD

I made 2 new Wallies 4 U. So if you like them, please feel free to take! =)

Find high resolutions (2 sizes) here at my lj
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Hey Chankapaanas! =D

I'm sharing another German lyric translation of colorcoded lyrics. This time it's one of my favorite songs - NEWS's "Full Swing" (B-side of "Chankapaana" RE). I really love that song, the melody, the arrangement... and the meaning of the lyrics. It's perfect to describe the way of our boys back to stage so to say. It captures the feeling of wanting to start something anew, to continue and to never give up! I think the lyrics does not even fit to NEWS's condition at the time of the release but it is a message to everyone of us as well. I wished I would be that strong so that I could follow my dreams. I think I have to give my best in the future to catch up with NEWS XD Haha

In adition to the translation I also provide a new Wallpaper with our four guys, matching the song (preview is the image above). I had this idea for a long time and finally there was the time to share with you =) I hope you like both, the translation and the Wallpapers!

Follow this links for high resolution Wallie & German lyric translation of "Full Swing)
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Hey =)

I made 3 new wallpaper. Follow the preview pic to my lj for full sizes if your interested! Thanks!

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] tegophilic at wallpapers!!!

this is just my first trials in editing pictures, so they might not be that good~ XDD

Because of the nonstop heavy rains which made many areas here in the Philippines flooded, classes have been canceled, and i have nothing to do...so i tried to make some wallpapers...heehee~

Tegoshi )

Massu )

Shige )

Kei-chan )

uhmm~ yeah, i'm a Tego-biased...<3<3<3


Aug. 12th, 2012 02:44 pm
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cleaned my computer and found several wallpapers i made and haven't shared anywhere to anyone yet. i uploaded the bunch to deviantart. download if you wish. comments are loved

BB house
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Hi everyone!

Just made some new wallpapers using Full Swing lyrics!
Come and take! ^^

wallie ballons
just click on the preview to come to my journal!
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Yoo minna~
I made some walls of Kei-chan in the magazine +act...
Cause he's sooooooooo gorgeous that this was necessary! 

I dont really know made wall or any other art (Im really awful in this thinks) demo the pics was so perfect that I couldn't resist!

I hope you guys like...

You can DL the wall in my LJ: http://mimi-xd.livejournal.com/14848.html

matta ne~


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