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Hey guys, it`s finally the 1st of May in Japan, and we completed the fanvideo for Koyama`s Birthday! ^^
I`m incredibly grateful for all the fans who have sent their messages! It really touched me!
I hope you will enjoy this video and please spread it everywhere!♥

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Dear everyone,

Some of us have been brainstorming about how should we support Koyama because fans have started giving him hurtful messages on the uchiwas and sending messages to ‘news every’, too. It`s getting seriously cruel since the messages are mostly 'you should quit', 'you are disqualified as an idol' and 'die' (!!!!!!!). People are targeting him because of his relationship with a girl and as far as we know JE doesn`t do anything to protect him, since these 'fans' are taking these uchiwas into the concerts, and no one checks them.
We, as real fans, have to show that we are staning by him at any cost and protecting him from the harrasments!

One of our projects is his BD Project which is the one most far away, but it still needs time to make it done, so here are the details to those who are interested.Please, come, come, come! We need to do everything we can to fight back those ‘fans’ and show them we are stronger and even more than them!

The idea is making a video what we will post on Youtube and send the link to ‘K-chan news’ on his Birthday.

What you need to do is:

  • Make a photo OR video showing your support to Koyama.

  • You can make this message in English or Japanese if you can. If a video, just simply tell your feelings about Koyama and express your support in a short way.

  • The video shouldn`t exceed 20 seconds.

  • If it`s a photo, then you can make a drawing, you can write down your messages and take a photo of yourself with this message, etc. Anything what is supportive towards Koyama!

Twitter hashtag project!
I have suddenly got an idea. We have created three supportive hashtags for Koyama: #WeSupportKoyama #小山を応援します #慶ちゃんはパーナが守る And we are always using #小山慶一郎 of course. If you don`t feel like taking photos or making videos, or you just simply don`t have the opportunity, use this hashtag to show your support and write some message in Japanese or English. We will be making screenshots of these supportive tweets and put them into the video.
What is important: Avoid angry tweets and the ones clearly saying that it`s about his scandals. We don`t want him to think about the problems occured, we want him to read the loving messages. Your twitter name and DP will be included since we don`t want it to seem like it`s not real. Don`t forget to include your country, as well! :)

The size of the video is going to be 1280x720, so please keep that in mind while doing your project. :)

After getting the projects, we are going to make Japanese subtitle to the parts which are not in Japanese so he can understand your full messages. Please talk understandably and clearly. :) If you don`t want to take a video but still want to talk about your thoughts, record your message in a sound file [mp3] and send it to us. ^^

The deadline for the project is the 23rd of April until 0:00. [CET]
Send your project to this address: egaofansub@gmail.com

What is very important:

Name your country in the message! It is a must because we have to show him that there are fans throughout the whole world! :)

What we are asking in plus:

We haven`t decided which song we should choose for the video. Please, if you have any ideas, share it with us until the deadline of this project.
Our two ideas until now are: Tender by Blur [This is the theme song of Chikarauta.] and You`ll be in my heart by Phill Collins. We cannot make a Japanese song into the video because it might get deleted or muted.

Dear fans, who can sing or play any instruments (I have seen amazing piano covers on YT):
If you can, do a cover of Aikotoba and send it to us [if possible, before the deadline, but on the day of the deadline at latest.] If you do a cover, you can still send your project regardless, we will use the cover during the video. If we receive more cover, we will choose the best one for the video.

I think that would be everything regarding the project, but if you have any question, feel free to ask! :)

Also, please spread this project in your own languages and in any languages you can speak so we can increase the number of participating fans.

Thank you for your support in advance!

Saya, Issa, Laila
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What are your favourite NEWS songs? Here's our Top 10!

This is made by fans and none of the content is to be taken seriously or meant to be offensive in any way. We do love each member of NEWS and support the band. Please stay respectful of others.
*** Check out our SAYAENDOU dance cover here***
*** Check out our CHIRARIZUMU dance cover here***

Subscribe for more videos on Wednesdays!
INSTAGRAM: spinelie974 and kikocanale
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Following the success of the presentation video I made about KAT-TUN, I made the new one about NEWS, as requested.
I loved making it and I hope you'll like just as much as the previous one.

/!\ Please read the disclaimer in the description box and of course stay nice to other viewers :)

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this is in response for the request made by [livejournal.com profile] ruilian_thatsme
Gomen if I was kinda late.. but still it's a pretty nice song..
fell in love with the meaning and of course, tegomass song... lovely~ you're my bittersweet memory ♫♫

Komorebi Memories [The Memories of the Days the Sunlight Filters through the Trees] by テゴマス [from Tegomass 6th Single Track 03]

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Hi! This is my first time cover-ing a Tegomass's song !
The key is quite low for me but I'd like to try Massu's part since I wanna practice how to make a harmony :D

Hope you enjoy it!
Your comments are LOVE!

credit: [livejournal.com profile] faith_alive for the picture.
The Tego-kara.mp3 was from my copy.

edited: the video has been deleted by youtube =_=
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Hello! I made the slide-show for all Tegonyan's fans around the world :D
I really want to hear Tegoshi sing a full christmas song !

ItteQ 2010, the christmas festival.
Scans from everywhere (Some from [livejournal.com profile] inala and some from [livejournal.com profile] tegoaday and other *I forgot where did I got them :p )
Insert Song: Tegomass - Hanamuke

Happy watching and Merry Christmas! :D

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Hi, I wanna share my works of Tegomass :)

Tegomass sang Sakura Girl during their tour of Tegomass no Mahou.
And Lately, Tegoshi said (at Shounen Club Premium this year) they performed this song before they gave announcement about Yamapi and Ryo to public. Maybe that's why their performance gave me goosbumps because of their emotions on it :')

but yokatta, they are even better now :"D

For those who wants the MP3, please come to my journal.
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Before, Tego was my 2nd favorite news no membaa after Pi. But now, he is officially my favorite from News B)

It's about a couple days ago I re-watch Pi's SGSB DVD. And I keep replay his "Love Song". Because this song really have a good and nice feeling. And yesterday, I was surprised to know Tego had sung this song many years ago. Probably around Pacific concert. *I know it's too late already :p

So, I want to share this to you guys. Maybe some of you haven't know it yet. Then, why not? :D
I want everybody knows how great is Tego's voice :D

*and now I prefer Tego's Love Song rather than Pi's LOL.. gomene , Pi.
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Here is another way to show how much we love them!!!

Thanks to all who participated! for the great effort you did!
And to ALL the friends fanpages! 
to everyone arigatooopaaaaaana!!! ┐(´◡`)┌ ♪ 

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Sorry, I dont post here commonly, but this it's a special ocasion.
This year me and my girl friends planned to do a fan video to NEWS bday, with a fandub and pics of us all together, since NEWS was the starting point to made some of my very good friends today. So we want to share all they do to us, plus with all that happening in the last year was a good idea to celebrate this important date.

Well, because of that I want to share with you guys, how have the same fellings that we have, this video.

Here we sing "Full Swing" and "Fighting fan" that's our song to NEWS who never give up to us, and we'll never give up of them.
I hope you enjoy, and please share this video...

*PS.: Here in Brazil, we call ourselfs "NEWSuki" since we are NEWS fans

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i made a short MV for NEWS' Towairo no Koi..

watch or download it in my lj  :]

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Happy Birthday to my eternal ichiban, Pumpkin ! ♫

finally im done !!
i made a short MV for Takahisa Masuda's Akatsuki (from the Unreleased Best of their latest album, NEWS BEST).
i get some videos from the old PVs of NEWS and Tegomass <3

this really made me so happy XDD
Happy Birthday again, Takahisa Masuda.. Best wishes and lots of love from all your fans in the entire world !!! *massu smiles !* kyaa~a ! that smile never fails to make me smile !

(c) to aitamashii@lj for the romaji+kanji+eng trans of the song <3

see more in my journal: here
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After making the 4nin NEWS PV Aki no Sora, I decided to make something for Tegomass too. Hoping that I didn't fail this time.. ^^

see my post @ my lj too 

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Good Day Minna-san ^^
Maan-chan desu ^^... I'm posting here again..

I really love this song of NEWS.
 * Aki no Sora (Autumn Sky) from their 4th Album, LIVE, track #05.

That's why I made it into a PV ^^... but I didn't do the whole song~ 

Scenes were taken from some of NEWS previous PVs:
Fighting Man
Taiyou no Namida
Sakura Girl
Hoshi wo Mezashite
Ai Nante

Hope you'll enjoy this too ^^

you can also see my post here

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Maan-chan desu ^^

It's my first time posting here that's why I'm not really sure what to say or how should I start or whether I should post it here or not.. *gomen* ^^
aa~ah. i but because i really want to share these ^^ so here douzo~

I actually had made 2 simple fanvids for the new NEWS for the year 2012. And had already uploaded them on my channel.

You can check my lj post here.I put some intro about the songs there ^^
Enjoy~ ♥ Hope you'll love them too..

"Yume no kazu dake Ai ga umareru"

"With Me"
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Hi, Minna!
I have created another fanvideo to celebrate, even if late, the birthday of the RyoTego ^_^

RyoTego - Code

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This is in time for tego's birthday tonight ^^ Thank you for all who participated ^^
special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dara_z for timing and [livejournal.com profile] spilledmilk25 for translating to Japanese.
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Hi! I'm Italian fan, and i have created two videos on my favorite pair of News and one for the 8th Anniversary.

My Fanvideo )


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