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Title: Inundate
Author: [profile] whirlandshout
Pairing: Implied Yamashita Tomohisa x Horikita Maki. Also some platonic KeiPi.
Summary: And he told it straight to her face. Expressionlessly but with honesty in every word he uttered. Two short drabbles on their sudden realization.
Genre: Romance/Platonic
Rating: G
Author's Note: I’ve always wanted to write a fic on this two. But, unluckily, I think I’ve messed up and forgot what I really wanted to write. Btw, does anyone have links for Kurosagi The Movie? <3<3<3

(Tomo-what?! Tomohisa?! Since when she called him that?)
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I was really really really bored when I made this up, the upside is that it's half story half picspam

Last Friends: A NEWS Murder Mystery?
Part 1
by, Stephanie
Disclaimer: I do not own NEWS or KAT-TUN and if I did they'd probably be laughing their ass off too

Starring: NEWS (Koyama Keiichiro, Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Masuda Takahisa
Kato Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya),
with appearances by
Uchi Hiroki, Kusano Hironori, MoriuchiTakahiro
KAT-TUN Member's Akanishi Jin, Taguchi Junnosuke, Kamenashi Kazuya

if you wanna read it come over to my LJ page and see if you can solve the mystery
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Title: Irony
Fandom: KAT-TUN/NEWS/Kanjani8
Pairing: From RyoDa <3 to RyoDa </3 to RyoDa <3 again.
Rating: PG-13 (for language), this chapter has awfully written kissing. :D
Warning: Attempted Angst and Fluff.
Summary: Ueda gave Ryo his all, and yet it turned out to be painful. But then again...
Chapter Summary: KAT-TUN had a sleepover at Ueda's luxurious apartment. It was supposed to only be just them, but Jin invited other people.
A/N: Hello everyone. Here's chapter 5. I'm splitting this one into two, because if I didn't it would be one very long chapter, which I don't like to read myself. ^^;; The other one is on the way desu~.

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

( Chapter 5a : Ireguchi Deguchi Taguchi desu~! )
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Title: Missing You

: hanny2luv

Pairing:  Ryoda

: Angst

Summary: I miss you so much that even words cannot describe this feeling I have inside.

Disclaimer: I wish they are mine. *sigh*

Author’s Note: I’m feeling melancholic and currently listening to Kavana’s “Will You Wait for Me”. Thanks to L-chan for beta-ing my fic.

I miss you

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Not alone.
Chapter 9
Ohkura/Shige, RyoPi, Ryo/Erika, Pi/Maki, Jin/Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I die a little inside whenever i say that i don't own them.
Fan fiction. Sorry for some mistakes and errors. Pls tell me if you find some mistakes in this so that i can correct them.
A/N;I hope you guys like this.

Chapter 1f
Chapter 2
Chapter 3-1

Chapter 3-2
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8(pat 1) & (part 2)
Chapter 9
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Author: [profile] biggy_chan 
Title: I will always be by your side (Chapter 12)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RyoTego, TegoMass, RyoUchi, KoyaShige
Summary: I'm not good at this ...
A break up ...
Someone must be clear about his feelings ... or even two?
And violence?
A/N: I don't like Ryo-chan in Last friends :(
His role is ... mean? xD
But somehow I wrote it ...

(Let go Nishikido-kun! You are hurting me!
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Title: Beautiful Eyes
Chapter: (7/?)
Pairing: RyoTego,ShigePi
Rating: PG (i think?)
Genre: Romance,Angst
A/N: Yesterday was the best day of my life since i've became a fangirl.I never experienced something like that before.Everybody is going crazy while waiting for someone to upload the newest PV of NEWS's Summer Time.It's very exciting.Imagine,every 5 seconds of refresh,there are already new 10 comments?.It's a record breaking.I leave the community having 98 comments and when i came back after 7 minutes,it already have a total of 215 comments O_O sugoi yo.Im happy that i became a part of yesterday's tuning for the Newest PV.Yey~ NEWS will be proud of us.

And Summer Time for is the best PV of NEWS ever.As in,The best PV i'd ever seen.Of course,next is Kanjani's Wahaha.I imagined life without NEWS and that thought made me cry while watching the PV and everybody is smiling and enjoying their colourful smoothies.I really don't know that i love NEWS this much.

Anyway,enough for babbling.Thank you to

[profile] enachka for beta-ing this chapter for me.I love you.hehehe.And i dedicated this chapter for [profile] biggy_chan because she really made a beautiful fic for my favorite O.T.P. RyoTego and i will always love her.


Summary: The car ride to Tokyo.Will Tegoshi talk to Ryo-chan?

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2    | Chapter 3  | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6


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title: in the garden at the edge of the world
author: [livejournal.com profile] spurnd
pairing: ryo/tegoshi, massu/tegoshi, koyashige
rating: r
summary: they ran across town, past the game center, the 24-hour mini-mart, shadows over their shoulders, light changing as the sun swept across the buildings like firelight, turned onto a street and then another. they ran, until their legs were sore. until their chests ached and they stumbled down and grazed their palms.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. risqué again. for [livejournal.com profile] hontou because it's bastard!ryo day, for whomever wrote the character sosuke in last friends, for anyone who thinks domestic violence and overall creepiness is not cool. violence, mindfuck, pedophilia, etc. reference to a lot of things, literature, pop culture. craziness.

( in the garden at the edge of the world )

Hold Tight

Apr. 22nd, 2008 08:16 am
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Title: Hold Tight
Author: heiryzmylisza
Pairing: Tegomass
Rating: PG
Summary: Turn of events before and after NEWS' guesting at Utaban where they get electrocuted
Notes: This is inspired by the show, hope you guys like it
Disclaimer: They are unfortunately not mine, and this is the fruit of my frustration over them.

read (here)
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First time writing for this rather un-popular pairing, forgive me for giving you het fics instead of NEWS slash. ^_^Y I'm under the impression that Shige needs love not just from NEWS but from... everyone? XD

General Disclaimer: Kato Shigeaki is mine. And Massu pigs went flying. XD

Both artists belong to themselves and are managed by Johnny's Entertainment and LesPros Entertainment, respectively.

Title: Look My Way
Characters: Kato Shigeaki || Aragaki Yui
Genre: General / Romance
Rating: G
Notes: Set during the PapaMusu filming days, with reference to Shige's interview in Hanamaru Cafe.

You look cool even when you're just standing.

Title: Impressions
Characters: Kato Shigeaki || Aragaki Yui
Genre: General / Romance
Rating: G

Shige was under the impression that models liked going out for shopping and dates wearing clothes that would flatter their figures and get them noticed.

x-posted. ^_^
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I made two drabbles about Massu here. Both of them are so short.

Pair I: 
Pi-Massu (untitled yet)
Rate: PG-13

Pair II: 
Ryo Massu (Doubutsu Massu-gatari)
Rate: All age!

Enjoy!! :)

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Title: Someday You'll Realize
Characters: Nishikido Ryo, Tegoshi Yuya, and ?
Rating: PG
Summary: It started with a mistake she wished never happened...
Notes: Unedited. Unbeta-ed. Excuse the errors and grammar. It's het. I haven't posted for weeks (extended vacation LOL) even though i wrote these a while ago. I'm not fond of long chapters...

Chapter 2 - Ryo knew he had a jealous girlfriend

Chapter 3 - Guilt and selfishness

Previous chapter:
Chapter 1 - The morning after
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Title: Breaking-the Sequel
Pairing: RyoDa, some Akame
Genre: Angst, a bit of fluff? at the end.
Disclaimer(s): Don't own anybody.
Summary: Ryo and Ueda have broken up, but Ueda can't seem to move on, and instead submerges himself into the depths of heartbreak and depression.

**A/N: Alrighty, here's the sequel to Breaking for those of you that wanted it! I promised a happy ending, and I give you one. Haha, as soon as I started writing this, I couldn't seem to stop...soo sorry if it's kinda long. Heh. Heh. And, um, I couldn't help including the Akame ^-^ But otherwise, enjoy the RyoDa~angst and all, and comments are always love! <3

"You look horrible."
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Title: Of Puppies and Love
Pairings: Akame, Ryopi, smidge of Kamepi and T&T
Rating: PG
Summary: Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya were average students with average lives until they meet each other. The results? An eccentric school year.

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4

Because clearly, Tackey's moral standards are lower than yours.
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I don’t want you to be a host
Pairing: KusaPi
Rate: R. Smut
Summary: Random Beach Trip, an Offer, and Let’s just do it.
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title: the wind may crown your head with leaves
author: [livejournal.com profile] spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido/tegoshi yuya
rating: r
summary: they do that a lot now -- on weekend afternoons one month after yuya stops attending dance class. ryo will undress him afterwards, lay him on the carpet and kiss him. afterwards, he reads yuya a book or they stay pressed up on the floor watching the light on the ceiling change.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. risqué. but homg it had to be written. i have no sense of shame apparently, and this has probably been done a million times already. for [livejournal.com profile] hontou who i love very much and has been inspiring all these fics lately. if you've read/watched/seen something like this before, it's probably because i've read/watched/seen whatever it is you had and subconsciously incorporated elements of that in the story. humanoid!tego prz shoot me now.

( the wind may crown your head with leaves )
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Title: Irony
Fandom: KAT-TUN/NEWS/Kanjani8
Pairing: From RyoDa <3 to RyoDa </3 to RyoDa <3 again.
Rating: PG-13 (for language), this chapter is R-ish. :D
Warning: Attempted Angst. XDDD
Summary: Ueda gave Ryo his all, and yet it turned out to be painful.
Chapter Summary: Ueda had his best Christmas ever.
A/N Minna~~Here it is. XDD Sorry if it took so long. XDD;; I'm sorry if it's lame... ;o;

( Prologue) / ( Chapter 1 ) / ( Chapter 2 ) / (Chapter 3) /

( Shortsy shortsy hey! )
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Title: Breaking
Pairing: RyoDa
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer(s): Don't own anybody. Pairing and genre inspired by [profile] kt_luvu26
Summary: Ryo and Ueda have broken up, but Ueda can't seem to move on, and instead submerges himself into the depths of heartbreak and depression.

**A/N: This one is written for [profile] kt_luvu26 because she guessed right on my song meme, and asked for a RyoDa fic with angst. So here ya go, Momo~xD Hope you like it, and I wasn't sure what kind of ending you wanted, so I just kinda went with whatever came out. Hehe~

Anyway, to everybody, enjoy~comments are always love!

"It's a bit late for apologies..."
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Title:  Better than any dream [oneshot]
Fandom:  NewS
Genre(s):  Romance, slight angst, fluff, some humor
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing:  RyoShige
Summary:  Even with alcohol in his system, Shige's smart enough to know that this moment, this moment he'd been aching for, yearning for, hoping and wishing for, was not a dream, was amazingly real, and reality had never before tasted so good. 

[ Shige shows up at Ryo's door.  With an axe. ]
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Title: Confession
Pairing: RyoPi (main), Akame (on the side)
Genre: Angst then fluff. Well, at least that's what I attempted. xD
Disclaimer(s): I own nobody. Plot idea(s) given by [profile] quinnsan

**A/N: This fic is dedicated to/written for [profile] quinnsan, because she guessed correctly on my song meme. xD Quinn, you asked for a RyoPi fic with angst at the beginning, something with rain, and fluff at the end...and I tried my best (even though RyoPi isn't my strength, obviously lol) so I hope you like it!!

To everybody else, enjoy as well! Comments are always, always love.

"What? I can't hear you."


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