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Dear everyone,

Some of us have been brainstorming about how should we support Koyama because fans have started giving him hurtful messages on the uchiwas and sending messages to ‘news every’, too. It`s getting seriously cruel since the messages are mostly 'you should quit', 'you are disqualified as an idol' and 'die' (!!!!!!!). People are targeting him because of his relationship with a girl and as far as we know JE doesn`t do anything to protect him, since these 'fans' are taking these uchiwas into the concerts, and no one checks them.
We, as real fans, have to show that we are staning by him at any cost and protecting him from the harrasments!

One of our projects is his BD Project which is the one most far away, but it still needs time to make it done, so here are the details to those who are interested.Please, come, come, come! We need to do everything we can to fight back those ‘fans’ and show them we are stronger and even more than them!

The idea is making a video what we will post on Youtube and send the link to ‘K-chan news’ on his Birthday.

What you need to do is:

  • Make a photo OR video showing your support to Koyama.

  • You can make this message in English or Japanese if you can. If a video, just simply tell your feelings about Koyama and express your support in a short way.

  • The video shouldn`t exceed 20 seconds.

  • If it`s a photo, then you can make a drawing, you can write down your messages and take a photo of yourself with this message, etc. Anything what is supportive towards Koyama!

Twitter hashtag project!
I have suddenly got an idea. We have created three supportive hashtags for Koyama: #WeSupportKoyama #小山を応援します #慶ちゃんはパーナが守る And we are always using #小山慶一郎 of course. If you don`t feel like taking photos or making videos, or you just simply don`t have the opportunity, use this hashtag to show your support and write some message in Japanese or English. We will be making screenshots of these supportive tweets and put them into the video.
What is important: Avoid angry tweets and the ones clearly saying that it`s about his scandals. We don`t want him to think about the problems occured, we want him to read the loving messages. Your twitter name and DP will be included since we don`t want it to seem like it`s not real. Don`t forget to include your country, as well! :)

The size of the video is going to be 1280x720, so please keep that in mind while doing your project. :)

After getting the projects, we are going to make Japanese subtitle to the parts which are not in Japanese so he can understand your full messages. Please talk understandably and clearly. :) If you don`t want to take a video but still want to talk about your thoughts, record your message in a sound file [mp3] and send it to us. ^^

The deadline for the project is the 23rd of April until 0:00. [CET]
Send your project to this address: egaofansub@gmail.com

What is very important:

Name your country in the message! It is a must because we have to show him that there are fans throughout the whole world! :)

What we are asking in plus:

We haven`t decided which song we should choose for the video. Please, if you have any ideas, share it with us until the deadline of this project.
Our two ideas until now are: Tender by Blur [This is the theme song of Chikarauta.] and You`ll be in my heart by Phill Collins. We cannot make a Japanese song into the video because it might get deleted or muted.

Dear fans, who can sing or play any instruments (I have seen amazing piano covers on YT):
If you can, do a cover of Aikotoba and send it to us [if possible, before the deadline, but on the day of the deadline at latest.] If you do a cover, you can still send your project regardless, we will use the cover during the video. If we receive more cover, we will choose the best one for the video.

I think that would be everything regarding the project, but if you have any question, feel free to ask! :)

Also, please spread this project in your own languages and in any languages you can speak so we can increase the number of participating fans.

Thank you for your support in advance!

Saya, Issa, Laila
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Banner 2017.jpg

Paana Playground is hosting another uchiwa project for the upcoming NEWS tour.
If you'd like for your country's flag to be shown, and/or your feelings be taken into a NEWS concert, then this is your opportunity. We will be making an uchiwa with both these things, that we will then take into at least 1 NEWS concert. Above you can see the Uchiwa from last years project displayed.

For further informations go here.

For a summary of last year's project success, go here.
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There's still time to get involved in the International Uchiwa project. Come help us make an uchiwa to represent the international paanas, to then be taken into a concert venue.

The second phase of the uchiwa fan project is open for one more week.
To submit design ideas and for your chance to win a group shop photo set from the upcoming tour, please get involved.

Phase 2 - Uchiwa design competion
explanation page here

Fan project masterpost
Full description of the project here
Late submissions for Phase 1 are still being accepted, please feel free to join.
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Hello, everyone!

In September of last year we launched a new and actively moderated NEWS community for all fans. We are aware of the various other resources for news and media scattered around and outside of LiveJournal, but we hope to still make this community a spot where we can gather them all in one convenient place. Just as importantly, we also hope to make it a place for fans to actively interact with each other again aside from just being a resource site.

The moderators will do their best to oversee the posts, update the calendar, and organize masterposts, but of course a community cannot be run just by mods. To make a fan community for fans and by fans possible, we ask for everyone joining to share any info, media, fanwork, or start discussions (as long as they abide by the rules!). Please lend a helping hand to other fans who may not have access to all the information and resources!

The community is starting out modestly and it is far from perfect, but if possible we'd love for everyone to join and participate in this effort to build up and revive the NEWS Livejournal community.

Come and join!! [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans


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In celebration of the new year and NEWS' first release of 2015, Paana Playground is hosting another giveaway event. This time the prize is a Kaguya RE Single and Shop Photos (postage paid).

All you have to do is write of your hopes and dreams for NEWS in 2015.

Click the picture to be directed to the giveaway post..
Come join the fun.

(Please support the new moderated NEWS community [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans)
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The 12 day's of giveaways Christmas event is now underway.

Click the picture to be directed to the first Trivia question.
Get it right and you are automatically in the running to recieve a prize.

Come join the Christmas Cheer.

(Please support the new moderated NEWS community at [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans)
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Paana Playground is hosting a 12 day giveaway with 12 prizes starting this Sunday.
Please click the picture above for more information.

(Please support the new MODERATED community [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans
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Paana Playground is hosting another giveaway in celebration of Tegoshi-kun's 27th Birthday.

For your chance to win a photo pack please click on the photo to be redirected to the competition page.
Please spread the word.

(Please support the new moderated NEWS fan community at [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans)
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Hi, minna..
We're having a fan-project to celebrate Keiichan's 30th birthday next month. Since it will take several days to send our birthday letters (from Indonesia) to Japan, we have started this project early (till April 18th, 2014). We hope all Chankapaanas in Indonesia can join us ;)

*click image to see the details*
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[livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas is holding a charity auction to raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, which slammed into the Philippines over 8-9 Nov, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/typhoon-kills-10-000-in/883182.html). All proceeds from the charity auction will go to the Singapore Red Cross's Typhoon Haiyan Relief (here).

In conjunction with Tego's 26th birthday on 11 Nov 2013 and the 7th anniversary of Tegomasu's Sweden debut on 14 Nov 2013, we will be auctioning 4 original Tegomasu and Tegoshi photosets. The auction is open to all, regardless of where you live, and [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will bear all mailing costs and Paypal fees (if any).

Click on the preview to the auction post

We look forward to your active participation for this worthy cause.

Love NEWS, Love Life, Love Humanity.

Thank you!
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An announcement from [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas! ^^

In celebration of NEWS's 10th anniversary, [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will be giving away 8 photos from the NEWS concert photoset, absolutely free!

To win, simply take part in our NEWS trivia contest! On 15 Sep 2013, from 8 to 11 pm Japan time, we will be asking 8 trivia questions about NEWS and NEWS members on our twitter. The first person to @mention us on twitter with the correct answer will walk away with one of the photos! Everyone who follows our twitter is eligible for this contest, regardless of where you live! [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will bear all mailing costs, so rest assured you will not need to pay anything at all! ^o^

For more information, please visit our community HERE

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your active participation!! ^o^
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2 announcements from [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas! \^o^/

1. NEWS World Quest/Pokoponpeko-rya Single Giveaway!
To celebrate NEWS' 10th anniversary, [livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will be giving away 4 NEWS World Quest/Pokoponpeko-rya singles (2 LE A and 2 RE), absolutely free! This giveaway is open to all paanas in the world, regardless of where you live! ([livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will bear all costs, including mailing costs)

To find out how to win, please visit our community HERE!

The contest has closed! Thank you so much for your support and participation! We've received a whopping number of entries! \^o^/ We'll be announcing the winners very soon, so watch this space!

2. Shigemasu Birthday Bash and Sg_paanas Meetup!
[livejournal.com profile] sg_paanas will be having a birthday bash for Shigemasu and meetup for paanas in Singapore on 6 Jul! We'll have door gifts, games, lucky draw and prizes!

Details can be found at our community HERE!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your active participation for both activities!! ^^
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Minna-san Konnichiwa~

just wanted to make last minute promotion about our Utsukoi screening in SINGAPORE.

Today at 12midnight, the registration will be closed.

GO here to register! :)
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Dear all Chankapaanas here,

Thank you very much for your support and joining our project "Bring NEWS to ASIA" during the past month! As you may have known, last Saturday March 9th, 2013 was the deadline and conclusion to our project. However, we have not received enough submissions for both the video clips and message books. We have heard from many of you and understand that you couldn't make time due to your schedule. We also believe that if there's more time, we will receive more wonderful submissions just as the ones we got so far!

Therefore, we would like to announce that the deadlines for "Bring NEWS to ASIA" project has been EXTENDED! We will accept submissions again from now until April 30th, 2013 for all the video clips, message and photos! Find more information here: http://bringnewstoasia.livejournal.com/704.html .We also decided to change the dates of trending on Twitter every week from Saturday & Sunday to FRIDAY & SATURDAY.

Official deadline: April 30th, 2013
Postmark deadline (materials sent via the post office must be postmarked by): April 23rd, 2013
Trending activity: From 21:00 JST to 24:00 JST on FRIDAY, and SATURDAY every week

Please join our project, re-post, share, and encourage your friends to join as well! We look forward to receiving yours soon Any questions, let us know at bringnewstoasia.project@gmail.com!
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Massu Project english
~ Sort of english version ~ )
~ Versión en español ~ )
Additional notes )
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Celebrate with us! 一緒にお祝いしましょう!


Years by years, I wish for a NEWS Asia Tour. I repeat it again and again, in every celebration days (NEWS’ members’ birthdays, members’ anniversary, group’s anniversary, New Year and Lunar new year, etc…) And, I know that not only me but many fans around Asia would do the same. But a wish is just a wish, only God can hear us, our boys seem like they don’t! (Or maybe they do but Johnny-san doesn’t, or pretends not to!) However, after I watch Utsukon DVD - NEWS’ latest DVD release - I realize how much they love their fans; how much they enjoy doing projects with fans. They follow their fans everywhere, every time; they care about their fans’ feeling and always try to make the fans happy. Therefore, I think that, instead of wishing, hoping and praying to God like every year, why don’t we start a project for the sake of Asia fans, to be able meet our dream boys. At least, we can move them, to let them know how much Asia fans need them to come here, to get a proof and show Johnny-san our support/love toward them, so that Johnny-san will think about an Asia Tour for NEWS.

The Goal of this Project:

  • Show NEWS Asia fans’ feelings toward them (support, encouragement, love…)
  • Let them know how much Asia fans need to see them, to yell out their name and to sing along with them in concerts.
  • To move them (also Johnny-san), make them think about having a concert outside of Japan, AN ASIA TOUR <- THE MAIN GOAL

Who can participate?

Anyone who loves NEWS, who wants to meet them in real life, who has been waiting for them to go around Asia for so long time, who doesn’t have (or rarely has) the ability to come to Japan for their concert but it’s easier for you to go around Asia, who wants to enjoy their concert like many shows but can hardly stay long in Japan. In conclusion, this project is for anyone feels like you want to participate.

Main theme of the project:

This time, the main theme of the project will be “Celebrate with us! 一緒にお祝いしましょう!  we are trying to invite NEWS to come join us, the Asian fans and fans all around the world, in a festive celebration of their 10th anniversary and in the means of an Asia tour!

The time:

From February 9th, 2013 to March 9th, 2013

How this Project can be done?

Please come to our LJ for detail of Project


"Bring NEWS to Asia” Project’s Chankapaanas

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For NEWS’ 10th anniversary, I thought it’d be nice to do something special! Since we can’t send them presents, making a fan video is basically our only option. I want NEWS to know how much their overseas fans appreciate them. If you’re a NEWS fan that wants to participate, thank you so much. ^_^


  • Introduce yourself (Name + Where you’re from).
  • Your video must be under 1 minute! (If you absolutely HAVE to go over a minute let me know).
  • Please be appropriate and polite (we don’t want NEWS to think we’re uncivilized orz).
  • Feel free to speak in Japanese if you know it.
  • There aren’t many rules, so please be creative!

Submitting your video:

  • Email it to me at keirikuro@gmail.com.
  • Don’t forget to tell me your name and where you’re from.

What happens after I submit my video?

  • As soon as we receive your video, it will be translated to Japanese (if you didn’t already speak Japanese in your video).
  • After we receive all the videos, we’ll put them together to edit + add subs + various other things to make the video look nice.
  • Finally we’ll upload the video to Youtube.

How do I know NEWS will see the video?

  • We don’t know if they will see it or not! Our best bet is to send it to K-chan News and spam it all over Twitter in hopes that they will see it. I know that sounds kind of bad, but don’t worry, they will most likely see it. :D


  • Because the deadline is so far away, you don’t have to feel the need to rush. Please put effort and creativity in this! I want this video project to stand out from all the others. ^_^
​Do you want to help volunteer?
  • Whether it's translating English to Japanese, subbing videos, or even video editing, we need volunteers!
  • If you want to help out, please email me at keirikuro@gmail.com!
​P.S if you have a Tumblr and want to spread the word, reblog this post!
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Hello! I scanned thru the community LJ and found out that some have shared the translated Shige's manga link over here. 

First of all, THANKS FOR SHARING!!
Well~ I have not make an official post here, so I think I should~ I'm the one doing this manga as a non-profitable project now. Those who found in manga website such as Mangafox, mangahere etc, with a credit of Lost n Found, yup, that's right! It's me~ dlost!

Anywaysss~ you can either read online there (almost any manga website, had uploaded my project) or come to my LIVEJOURNAL  ///  BLOG download he translated version. Please do credit if you are going to share it somewhere, to me or my team.

I'm aiming to complete the whole series which I don't know how long will this manga goes
Feel free to comment on my LJ or blog for better service or even compliment~ I love to see all NEWS/Shige/JE fans around~
And please support Lost n Found~

Disclaimer: Non-profitable, Shigeaki Kato (JE) and the artist are belongs to their own company. Please do not abuse.
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Here is another way to show how much we love them!!!

Thanks to all who participated! for the great effort you did!
And to ALL the friends fanpages! 
to everyone arigatooopaaaaaana!!! ┐(´◡`)┌ ♪ 

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