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DUET 09.2010 translation - A DAY WITH NEWS

NEWS take us with them to a typical day-off ^_^

Wanna go to the beach with Ryo-chan or to the movies with Yamapi?
I don't recommend you to go with Tegoshi or Massu to their maniacal days...but I wouldn't mind to go to Spain with Shige or see the hard-working Koyama's schedule... XD XD

Enjoy here --->    Click!

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Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I've been sooo~~~ busy lately! Busy at work, meeting up with friends, driving mom everywhere she wants to go, etc... I'm actually very very tired. Having said that, seeing zopp-san analyzing Kuchizuke de Adios, how can I resist not to translate and share it with you all right?!
☆-( ^-゚)v

Check out Kuchizuke de Adios Analyzation in here.
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[Koyama Diary] Member-Ai
2010 07July 30th
LOVE 579

Nishikido love )

[Yamapi Diary] 山ピー❤
2010 08Aug 01st

Concert )
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English translations and scanlations @ [livejournal.com profile] seventeen_0409

[Volume 62] For
"In this essay for his fans, Yamapi thinks about the natural relationship between him and his fans, the future, marriage, and the time when he would become head of the family. For … what is it? 'For someone’s sake' is the theme of this essay, and it’s filled with Yamapi’s characteristic manliness."

[Volume 64] Learn
"'What do you study for?' Yamapi faces head-on this simple question from readers. He talks about what kind of place school was for him, what he wants to study now, and the fun and difficulty of learning."
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[NEWSmile] 2010 July - Aug
Things you are concern with and liked recently

  • 2010 08July 28th - Masuda Takahisa
NEWS con )
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I translated Tegomasu's Yoshi was Hoshi wo Nagameteokure. This is a pretty old song, ie not recent. But I was listening to this today and suddenly felt like translating it.

(Follow the fake cut)
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Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Minna genki?! (^∀^)

zopp-san has written about Kuchizukede Adios in his latest diary! Check it out!
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Translation of the latest Popolo (09.2010) ^^

News share their thought about the different moments of love, from the first meeting to the separation...they're all so cute and good guys <3

>> Rabu rabu rabu <<

Enjoy ^_^
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15th Jul:
no entry

16th Jul:
no entry

17th Jul:
yesterday, yamapi was listening to a member's radio show while travelling in the car.

18th Jul:
a festival was held near yamapi's house.

19th Jul:
no entry

20th Jul:
an invitation to NEWS concert!

*Sorry, I've forgotten to post an "announcement" here to inform everyone that i've updated :)
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Hello! i just made a translation and full summary of VSArashi episode no. 29, for those who doesn't get the chance to watched that episode, wherein the guest team players were NEWS Nishikido Ryo from JOKER Team! this is the third time that a NEWS member is playing together with Arashi!!!  this is my first time seeing Ryo-chan together with Arashi member. >.< though this one is a bit late, but the episode is so much fun!

Tanned Ryo Nishikido and Ariake Brothers reunited again! <<< read all here.

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I thought it was pretty interesting to post this entry of Koyama's jweb ^___^

We finally have other hopes for NEWS activities!!

>> Let's raise up our spirits! <<

I really hope they won't let us down again ♥
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[Shige's Diary] Wagahai wa Shige De Aru ~ Troubleman! No matter who!~
吾 輩はシゲである~猫も杓子もトラブルマン~
2010 07Jul 11th
=Number 43= [END]

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Translation of a very funny interview with Ryo about Chonmage Purin on the latest NEWS no NEWS in Seventeen (2010.08)

Click here to find out what children thinks of Ryo-chan, who gained all his rage during the filming of the movie and how much dirty he is... XD


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