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Yamapi was sighted at Jin's solo live yesterday! He didn't go onstage, but conversed with Jin by yelling out without a mic from the audience! XD
This is apparently the second time Pi was there.. The first time he went, Kusano was seen with him! <3

Here is a recording of the MC portion with Yamapi, and a brief translation at my journal: yamasugee.livejournal.com/6033.html
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YamaNade cast - Tegoshi, Uchi, Aya-chan & Miyao guested at Kame's radio show this Friday.

14.6 MB

MF // MU

Credits: KAL gb
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Hello everybody,

I have a question. I will send my letter for Massu soon for Masterhits. So if he read it on air I dont want to miss it.
I can't watch it on keyhole since I'm not in the right timeline ( I'm working when masterhits is on air ) . If someone know where to find masterhits episode for download every weeks just tell me :( .

Or if someone know how to just record on keyhole without behing there .....

So if someone can help me ...I would be really happy.

If he read my letter ...I just really want to know and listen it :( ...

Thanks in advance for your help !!! 


I find a place where having the audio for Masterhits after 2 hours of searching .....
If someone want the link ..just ask for it ..I dont know if I can put link here so .
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Happy New Year!

This morning I recorded Master Hits :D


I just love his voice <3
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Johnny's entertainment already upload a few minutes about song in Tegomass no uta.

Pls. follow @ HERE

Let's enjoy ^^
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Remember the Music Box versions that i post to minna!~
i made an archives of it, so it'll be easier to find.
More JE Bands and Idols mb versions, and jpop's too!

your can find it HERE>>> and HERE>>>

can be found [at] [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna
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Hi guys :) I'm back with more tabs :) I was able to tab out NEWS: forever this time :)
of course My guitar teacher still helped me. He's the best~ <3 ahahahha~

Click for Forever :] )

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O-hisashiburi desu!!! minna~san genki desu ka??
how is your today? is it good or bad? happy or sad?

whether it is rainy or sunny so happy to tell this to minna!!
Yatta! there is another music box from NEWS!!!

and guess what!!?! O.o

its Koi no ABO!!!

Subete wooooo.... sarake dashite!!!

can be found [at] [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna 

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Hi all,

presenting to you, 29 gifs and 42 110 screencaps from Koi no ABO PV!


and also, a mp3 rip of NewS and KAT-TUN singing Baby Blue on Shounen Club 20050508.

Enjoy! ^^

(shake the dance floor, baby!)

ps. i hope the page isn't too laggy for you guys due to the excessive amt of gifs, sorry if it is!
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Hanabi from Code Blue
and guest what?!
It's Music Box!!
YAY!!! ^o^

Music Box <--- Engine START-o

can be found at [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna
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i was a little bored so i did 2 versions (a chipmunk and a faster one) of NEWS's "Akaku moyuru taiyou" and "Good news!".
Here they are.


Mar. 29th, 2009 09:44 am
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Hai, minna-san. It's my first time to post here and i have some ryouchi wallies, hope you like it, i'm sorry if it's not good enough.
Here it goes...

and i made some ringtones...
1. News~Sekai_ni_hitotsu_dake_no_hana (NewS Spring Concert 2004) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2mbgwooodi4

2. Uchi Hiroki~Nijiro no sora e (Concert Uchi Hiroki to rock na nakamatachi-ringtone

3. 4 tops~Nami (Shokura performence)

4. Kanjani8~Fuka-fuka love the earth (ringtone)
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My promise to minna~san!!!

another.. and another...
Music Box

[ ] Daite Senorita - Yamashita Tomohisa
[ ] Taiyou no Namida - NEWS

can be found at [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna 

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Minna!! summer is near!!

since its near..

its summertime!!
ok.. what am i saying??

what i want to say is... another...
Music Box


can be found at [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna 

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hey guys
so recently, i've taken up the art of ringtone making^^ :P
so if any1 wants wany ringtones but are too lazy to make them, then just message me^^
yeah...... but i might have to have you send me the song if i dunt have it^^ i take chinese, english, japanese, korean request^^ :P but just to let you know i dunt have much korean except for fti so yeah.....

have fun^^ :P
random ringtones? )
i still accept requests!!!! lolx (i'm desperate!!!!!)
*all things uploaded to mediafire unless requested
and please when you guys download, leave a  comment....please???????

this is updated and has arashi, kattun, news, and some other ones both chinese, and korean too =D
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Still interested in NEWS Music box??


ok.. here you go...

Music Box

can be found at [livejournal.com profile] azuleanna 

to follow up for another music box : here
you'll be surprised...


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