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so i have been out of the loop when it comes to j pop and other things for a while so i may have missed it but... why is it now that yamapi's music videos cant really be found on you tube anymore? i also noticed i didn't really any of kattuns videos either. did johnny have them removed or?
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Happy 28th Birthday to Yamashita Tomohisa!
All birthday wishes and/or posts must be posted here. Any birthday posts posted to the main community page after this post will be deleted.

A bit early, but I leave in about 12 hours so I figured I should just get it up now ;;
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Before, Tego was my 2nd favorite news no membaa after Pi. But now, he is officially my favorite from News B)

It's about a couple days ago I re-watch Pi's SGSB DVD. And I keep replay his "Love Song". Because this song really have a good and nice feeling. And yesterday, I was surprised to know Tego had sung this song many years ago. Probably around Pacific concert. *I know it's too late already :p

So, I want to share this to you guys. Maybe some of you haven't know it yet. Then, why not? :D
I want everybody knows how great is Tego's voice :D

*and now I prefer Tego's Love Song rather than Pi's LOL.. gomene , Pi.
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Hello to you all!!

I really hope I make no mistake but I'm desperatly looking for 3 tv shows!

It's the show where 2 guests have to eat 4 dishes including one they hate and the other gas to find out which one it was.

You see what I mean?? Good !

Now I know that Ryo-chan and Yamapi are no longer in NEWS but I also guess that you're like me ans that maybe you've kept the vids with them !!

For Ryo-chan it's the one with the AKB and gor Pi I already have the one with Koda Kumi so I'm looking for the other 2.

Well I really hope you'll be able to help me !!!!!

Thanks in advance !
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Hi girls i know this is a little bit weird but i want to know if any one has the yamapi's gif in kurosagis when his penis is bouncing >/////< i need to show that gif to a friend of mine but i cant find it anywhere so if anyone has it i would love you!!!!!!
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The following NEWS / Yamapi CD and DVD which were released last May 5, are now available on selected local stores here in Philippines. click image or proceed HERE to see the list and prices.

[identity profile] katrinasacay.livejournal.com

Universal Records Philippines had given the prices already!
For more details, including the event that will be held on the launch date, please proceed to THIS post. (or click the image above)

[identity profile] katrinasacay.livejournal.com
for filipino members of this community.
Universal Records Philippines is going to release NEWS LIVE Album, LIVE3x concert dvd and Yamapi's SGSB, but you need to participate on this poll first. proceed on THIS POST @[livejournal.com profile] newsjpop_ph for more details, or you may click on the image. thank you.

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(posted with previous mod approval)

Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I wanted the community to be in order before doing so. All things Yamapi have moved to the community [livejournal.com profile] _yamapi. We have restarted the community and hope to make it a strong fanbase for all Yamapi fans. [livejournal.com profile] yamapi_kingdom will be the hub for the new fansub group dedicated to Yamapi.

So head on over to both and we look forward to seeing you there!

[livejournal.com profile] _yamapi
[livejournal.com profile] yamapi_kingdom
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yamapi will have a new CM. it's toyota CM now.
more Info click to yamapi's pic below. 

[identity profile] yamapi-mod.livejournal.com

I just came to announce a new community for Yamapi. You can visit us here: [info]yamapi_kingdom
Hopefully with this the awsome people that share Pi-ralated things here can also post them in this community catface

Have a nice dayheart1heart1heart1

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A Christmas wish for Yamapi... "World is yours"

Good day Yamapi fans!! ^^ Today Yamapi Spain staff come with a new proyect where we pretend to reach to our ichiban, Yamashita Tomohisa all our support and best Christmas wishes for 2012. We think that now more than ever it's important keep together and show him absolutly ALL our inconditional support to Yamapi after separation from NEWS. Now more than ever, he NEED IT!!

A representative from AC going to travel to Japan this Christmas, and this person will ensure to deliever our letter directly to JE. Our idea is to make a special Christmas letter and send it  with a postal. In this way, we'll collected tens of Christmas messages and support messages from all international fans, to do him to see that, the world, really can be his.

At the end of each individual message, we'll write by hand in japanese "World is yours"

As you should be know, Johnny's Family have strict rules for letters and gifs that the boys recieved, hereby there're certain rules that we must comply!!

  • We will exclude those messages, phone numbers, addresses, emails and privacy data (Only allow names or pseudonyms).
  • We will exclude those messages that we deem inappropriate.
  • We
    ask you to send us all your messages in English! You will save hard
    work of translation to the moderators! =) Also, you are free to
    send your message directly in Japanese, however, if you do that,
    we also ask the Spanish translation to know what are you saying ^ ^
  • We've established a maximum of 40 words
    for each individual message. Keep in mind that are WE who will write
    all your messages by hand, and depend of the number of messages
    (expected to be much) it's a hard working for us.

What is the deadline for delivery?

December 15.

Where should I send my messages/photos?

yamapi@asian-club.es (Including: real name and surname and country)

Thanks and we look forward  your collaboration =)

Yamapi Spain STAFF

YOU CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: http://www.facebook.com/notes/yamapi-spain/project-a-christmas-wish-for-yamapi-world-is-yours/289252767773842
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Yamapi's Super Good, Super Bad DVD has FINALLY been announced!!

Read the details here at my LJ
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Two new interview translation:

NEWSPICE #23 -  A super lovely scan and cross-talking with new NEWS! They are back, random and cute as always! I think we all need some cheerful 4nin NEWS, don't we? :)

YAMAPI in WU 12.2011 - Another nice interview with Yamapi. Here too he talks about his decision and shows an unexpected weak side of him ^^

[identity profile] spilledmilk25.livejournal.com
Translation of the first interview of Yamashita Tomohisa as a solo artist.

Duet 12.2011  -  Yamapi talks about his latest routine, his way to get energies and memories from his teenager days. Then he sends a long message to fans and members.

Is it okay to post his solo interviews here? Tell me if it's not appreciated anymore! >____<

Have a good reading! :)
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I can't believe I couldn't even bear listening to NEWS' songs now... It just makes me so sad...
Tried to concentrate on my studying but my hand wandered off to a magazine on the shelf that caught my eye. Oricon style from march 2007 when NEWS came back out as six after one year of hiatus.
The words Pi wrote kinda gives us an idea of what he's thinking now I guess, but it makes me all so much more disappointed now when I read it again, and of course the happy faces of those six gathering and working together after separating for one year is something we can only dream of from now on...

Here's the comment Pi gave at that time:


My Translation:
I have polished my courage to stand up and go on alone (after this period). It was a big thing to gain so much experiences from all the things I've done. Especially the experience with GYM. It was happy to cross over the barrier of different countries and be able to communicate. After that I hardly practiced my Thai though(smile). It was great also to realize "How much is the power that I have? ". It was then I objectively considered about leaving NEWS, in the end however, I feel that I am me when I'm in NEWS. With NEWS, there's a place I can return to, and that is a great thing.

And so it seems, even back then Pi always had some idea of leaving NEWS but he might have not been quite prepared at that time, and there was still that factor of feeling safer with a group, but now yamapi seems all ready to meet the challenges himself so he has chosen to leave NEWS. As much as I understand ppl have their rights to choose their path, I think there's this factor of responsibility involved when it affects the path of five other ppl and also the hearts of millions that have supported and loved them.

It seems that since now that NEWS won't be able to bring him to new heights and he's had a confidence boost fron his solo tour he's ready to leave.


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