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Hello to you all!!

I really hope I make no mistake but I'm desperatly looking for 3 tv shows!

It's the show where 2 guests have to eat 4 dishes including one they hate and the other gas to find out which one it was.

You see what I mean?? Good !

Now I know that Ryo-chan and Yamapi are no longer in NEWS but I also guess that you're like me ans that maybe you've kept the vids with them !!

For Ryo-chan it's the one with the AKB and gor Pi I already have the one with Koda Kumi so I'm looking for the other 2.

Well I really hope you'll be able to help me !!!!!

Thanks in advance !
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The following NEWS / Yamapi CD and DVD which were released last May 5, are now available on selected local stores here in Philippines. click image or proceed HERE to see the list and prices.

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Coucou !

Un petit post en français (c'est rare!!!) pour vous avertir de la sortie des épisodes 1 et 2 de Papadoru le nouveau drama de Ryo chan!

C'est ici!!!

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Universal Records Philippines had given the prices already!
For more details, including the event that will be held on the launch date, please proceed to THIS post. (or click the image above)

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hi guys~
i just feel like sharing my RYO NISHIKIDO portrait.. :))
took me three days to finish..
hope you kinda like it..
mata ne.. ♥♥
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for filipino members of this community.
Universal Records Philippines is going to release NEWS LIVE Album, LIVE3x concert dvd and Yamapi's SGSB, but you need to participate on this poll first. proceed on THIS POST @[livejournal.com profile] newsjpop_ph for more details, or you may click on the image. thank you.

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I'm really into making layouts right now!
Maybe because of boredom.
Anyways, hope you like this layouts!

**The banners are on gif format! :D

Codes and moar layouts under the fake cut!
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Hi, Minna!
I have created another fanvideo to celebrate, even if late, the birthday of the RyoTego ^_^

RyoTego - Code


Oct. 25th, 2011 01:43 pm
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I'm not sure if it's okay to post that since Ryo-chan isn't in NEWS anymore but seriously for me he'll always be in it, just like Yamapi, so I'm taking the chance and if it's not okay, just tell me and you can erase the post anytime :)

I made a vector for you guys ^^ One of Nishikido Ryo :'D Hope you like it ^^

< Photobucket

Vector is here or just click on the previews :)
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On October 14th, Kanjani8 appeared on the 3-hour “Music Station” special, where member Nishikido Ryo commented on his withdrawal from NEWS.

Read more... )
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Hello my dear NEWS fans

I'm here, as usual, and as I'll always be, to share some latest translations of our beloved guys ^___^

I know this is an hard, sad sad moment but still I didn't want to leave work behind, that's why I still wanted to translate the latest magazines featuring NEWS as 6 members. Hope they will make you forget for a while and smile a little!!

POTATO 11.2011 - NEWS talk about words, the words are power, nourishment and magic. Come to find out why!

NEWSPICE #22 - The long-waited Nishikato cross-talking about movies and music! Plus the little translation of the comic about Koyama watching *scandalous* Shige-Shozaburo in Hanawake....featuring a special sister we haven't seen in the drama...Tegoshi XD  I also added a tiny translation of two written messages by TegoMass!!

Enjoy! And Fight-O!

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I know someone has translated their comments before, but I wanted to put up my version of their comments as well, just because there were some things that I took differently, and some things that might have been left out by accident.  And I want to be able to explain every little aspect of their comments so that all the international fans can understand what they're saying just as much as any other Japanese fan.

I hope that these translations make the members' feelings even a little bit more clearer and perhaps it'll give us all a little more understanding into this whole situation.

If there is anything unclear, please do no hesitate to comment/ask and I will try to clear it up to the best of my abilities.

(Click here for the translations)

Let's all stick together in this hard time ne~!
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Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo, members of the popular idolgroup NEWS announced today through their agency Johnny's that they are withdrawing from the group.

Yamashita will continue with his solo projects, Nishikido will continue as a member of Kanjani8. Koyama Keiichirou, Katou Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa will continue as NEWS, now a 4-member group.
Source: Yahoo Headlines

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Hey guys :)

I'm sharing a bunch of icons:

Nishikido Ryo {32}

Ninomiya Kazunari {5}
Arashi {1}
Matsuda Shota {10}

Yokoyama You {8}
Ohkura Tadayoshi {3}
Shibutani Subaru {3}
Yasuda Shota {4}

Maruyama Ryuhei {2}

Ikuta Toma {8}
Kaku Kento {3}

A little preview:


Get them here at [livejournal.com profile] ellie_zimt

Have a nice evening everyone ^^

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I decided to make gifs each week from each episode of Z.G. ●≧∪≦)
I just love this dorama, and it deserves it ♡♡

Can't wait for the next (●´Д`)

There are 14 GIFS.

Enjoy them ★'.


More Shota gifs.... HERE
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J'ai décidé de traduire le drama Zenkai Girl en français.

Toutes les informations collectées sur le drama seront disponibles sur le lj en français ainsi que les sous-titres français que j'aurai réalisé à but non lucratif grâce aux sous-titres anglais d'un(e) autre fan. (newshfan/share)

Les sous-titres seront disponibles en softsub ainsi qu'en hardsub.

Tous les conseils, suggestions, avis, souci dans le sub sont appréciés !
(Si vous n'aimez pas l'écriture ou autre, ça m’intéresse, je peux changer ^-^)

Pour un regroupement de tous les épisodes, aller voir la fiche du drama.

Rendez vous sur http://zenkaigirl.livejournal.com pour le premier épisode déjà disponible !!
L'épisode 2 sera disponible dans la semaine.

Rappelez vous que je suis seule sur ce projet et que je ne peux pas concentrer tout mon temps dessus, alors prenez votre mal en patience et profitez. Je vais essayer de rattraper le rythme jusqu'à l'épisode 4, même si je ne suis pas encore sûre d'en être capable.
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Hello! It's really been a while since the last time I made a wallpaper.
This is for you guys :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Get them here !


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