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Hi All

I've created a Facebook Private Group for NEWS fans as I wasn't able to find one initially.
It's called NEWS Yonin (NEWS 4p). (I've put up 3 questions in order to avoid spammers from joining.)
It's not a FB page as the new algorithm doesn't pop up on our feed unless we have lots of interactions with it.
With a FB Group , We can get a notification once someone has posted something.

I've gotten the blessing from the mods at [livejournal.com profile] news_jpop [livejournal.com profile] 4newsfans [livejournal.com profile] koyashigedake [livejournal.com profile] koyama_daily

The FB Group would be centered around 4 pax News and if there are any interesting articles about Japan.(e.g. 10 best spots for Hanami/offers/travel tips etc )
Negative controversial topics/gossips will not be posted and will be removed.

The aim is to reach out to more NEWS fans that are on FB more than LJ, seeing that HSJ, Arashi, SMAP etc other groups are so active there.

  • Will mainly be linking back to LJ posts from news_jpop/4newsfans + the other news member individual pages.

  • Members will be allowed to post their own links, will not only be posted by the mod/owner.

  • No hyperlinking of the downloads directly -- plus I believe it's against FB policy and gets the page shut down quicker.. which we all don't want.

  • Create meet ups/events

for LJ posts, please share the URL so that we can maintain the f-lock on the posts.

The idea sprung when I previously posted about a possible meet up in 2018, should there be anniversary con.
Obviously, nothing is confirmed and I do not want to get anybody hopes up, neither do I want to intentionally offend anyone.

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Hey guys, it`s finally the 1st of May in Japan, and we completed the fanvideo for Koyama`s Birthday! ^^
I`m incredibly grateful for all the fans who have sent their messages! It really touched me!
I hope you will enjoy this video and please spread it everywhere!♥

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NEWS news.jpg

A brief introduction on this new addition to the community:

There were some pieces of news that some mods thought would be nice to share, but didn’t quite warrant entire posts by themselves. That’s how this idea came up. However, even within us, it was tough trying to agree on what should or should not be included - things that matter to some may not to others, what’s sensitive to some may not be to others. It’s also hard drawing the line between gossip and news.

To begin, we decided to make weekly posts on little things we came across and may be of interest to members of the community. This is really just something in an experimental stage - we may find this hard to keep up when the boys go all quiet, or if it turns out that these updates are redundant to the majority of the community. Everything is open to feedback, so let us know your thoughts.

What we will not include - rumours, gossip, complete updates of paid content etc.

Here goes post number 1, we hope this helps those who want to know more about NEWS, but can’t afford the time to keep up!

updates under the cut! )

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It's the time of the year when we celebrate our dear leader again, who turns 33 on May 1st. This year looks set to be another busy one for him with 24hr TV for the second year straight, so let's hope he takes good care of himself!

Never too late to send well wishes, so for those who'd like to send him physical cards/ letters, here's the new address for Johnny's Family Club (they moved in October last year, so please check to make sure the address you have is the updated one):


MTB Building
4F 3-29-24 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-8550
Johnny's Family Club

Do avoid sending anything more than cards/ letters as these might be seen as gifts and get discarded or returned by the agency.

We'll also be leaving this as a sticky post for a week, so please keep all the birthday wishes to the comments section of this post! :)
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Hi everybody! :)

I would like to know where I can download the ItteQ! 2016.10.30 Tegoshi hoverboard challenge.

Thanks in advance.
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It was just announced on today's special episode of "Arashi ni Shiyagare", that this year's main personalities will be the following:

Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS), Sakurai Sho (Arashi) and Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN).

There wasn't much further information announced, other than this year's theme - "Confession" (Kokuhaku), and that the show will be held on 26-27 Aug 2017.

This year's the 40th edition of 24hr TV, and there were guesses of the main personality being Arashi, or even a KAT-TUN come back, seeing how the announcement was arranged within the episode of "Arashi ni Shiyare" which had Kame guesting, but it turned out to be the 3 casters at NTV! So many possibilites of how this year's 24hr TV can turn out to be, it's so extremely exciting.

Will update more information as they come!

(Goes back to throwing imaginary confetti in the air)
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Hi all
I know it's abit early.. but I'm wondering if anybody is keen to go to NewS 15th Year Anniversary Con next year  (is my calculations correct :P?)
Seeing that they are having their concert now.. I'm expecting it to be Autumn/Winter Con next year.

Obviously, the plane tix and everything will have to be bought after the announcements are up but it's best to plan and save now.
Especially, after looking at some of the prices here...

Is anyone looking to go to smaller venues? I'm keen but not wanting to go alone coz I get lost quite easily..

This discussion is open to everyone.. appreciate your thoughts or tips :)
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Sharing some translations!

WiNK UP 2017 03
NEWS Question 10

TV Life Premium 2017 Vol. 20
A short crosstalk on what they want to do as NEWS in 2017

Myojo 2017 04
4 imaginary love stories, written by the members themselves

Enjoy :)

And thank you all for the kind messages!
Will be doing my best together with the other mods to keep this community going :)
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Well, so I've decided to sell almost all my Johnny's goods.
For every 20€ you spend, I'll be giving you a 10% discount.
You must pay for the shipping cost. Once you've decided what do you want, I'll let you know of the different shipping methods and how much each of them costs (the shipping price depends on the weight of the package).
As for the payment method, I accept PayPal only (which would mean you'd have to pay an additional sum of 1€).
Payments should be done in 3 days after confirmation. If you have a problem tell me and we can delay those 3 days, but never more than a week.
I ship from Spain. Items will be sent within 6 business days after I get the payment.

Also if you choose a shipping method without a tracking number I'll be no responsible if the package doesn't reach to you.
All the goods are original, and bought in Kyoto, Japan.
To place your order, you need to complete this form and send it to MorfineCeres@yahoo.es:
E-mail address:
Goods you'd like to purchase:
Total Prize:
Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Go here to view the items!!
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Please join me in welcoming our new community Mod/Maintainers who will be joining me ([livejournal.com profile] inala) in tending and managing [livejournal.com profile] news_jpop - [livejournal.com profile] massu74, [livejournal.com profile] 9kinds and [livejournal.com profile] ki_el.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the call to help keep this community going. It’s very clear that this is a special place for many NEWS fans and it is an important duty to keep it active for current and future fans.

The new mod team has many ideas for ways to develop and improve the community so please stay tuned for updates.

The most recent change has been to add a community calendar which holds major NEWS related anniversaries as well as tracking upcoming activities for the group and the members. You’ll always find at the top of the links in the sidebar or access it directly here.

If you need to contact the mod team we also have a new email address: newsjp.mods@gmail.com.

So without further delay - a few words of introduction from our new mods!

[livejournal.com profile] massu74
This community was pretty much my main source of information when I first got into the fandom and barely knew any Japanese. Without the community, I would never have gotten to know so much about the members, so this is really just my turn at giving back. I've never done anything like this before, which means there may be some hiccups along the way, but hopefully we can make this community one that all fans - new and old - can find information easily and share their love for NEWS again.

[livejournal.com profile] 9kinds
Hello! My name is Cara and I’ve been a NEWS fan since seeing them at Countdown in 2014/2015. I’m excited to help with moderating the news-jpop community and keeping everything on-topic and up-to-date.

[livejournal.com profile] ki_el
Hi everyone. My name is Ki, I'm from Germany and I've been a NEWS fan (obsessed with KoyaShige) for almost a decade now. This lj community has always been one of my primary sources of information and I'm very happy to be given the opportunity to keep it active and alive. I'll be doing my best! ^_^


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Hi everyone,

I started selling some of my stuff since I returned from Japan, or stuff that I have to put at home right now and really hope they'll find nice places.
My selling post is currently small but i'm gonna try and update it regularly, so you're more than welcome to see and follow :-)
I sell goods from many Johnny's groups, from SMAP up to Johnny's WEST and also the Juniors (pre-debuted Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone and Johnny's WEST) <3

You can find the post here. Come and watch from time to time - maybe you'll find something interesting.

Shipping is free worldwide!

* Last Update: April 4 (tons of goods uploaded. Also few Disney goods - for the lovers...)

Have fun!
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I was lucky enough to attend the very first show of the Neverland tour this year in Sapporo! I've written up a report of my experience and included photos of the arena setup and the venue set, so if you're interested, please follow the fake cut to my journal!

( "Neverland" in Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, 2017.4.1 @ 5 pm )
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I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can watch or download the itteQ SP (2012.12.30)? all the links i find all seem to be dead. Thanks in advance.
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Dear everyone,

Some of us have been brainstorming about how should we support Koyama because fans have started giving him hurtful messages on the uchiwas and sending messages to ‘news every’, too. It`s getting seriously cruel since the messages are mostly 'you should quit', 'you are disqualified as an idol' and 'die' (!!!!!!!). People are targeting him because of his relationship with a girl and as far as we know JE doesn`t do anything to protect him, since these 'fans' are taking these uchiwas into the concerts, and no one checks them.
We, as real fans, have to show that we are staning by him at any cost and protecting him from the harrasments!

One of our projects is his BD Project which is the one most far away, but it still needs time to make it done, so here are the details to those who are interested.Please, come, come, come! We need to do everything we can to fight back those ‘fans’ and show them we are stronger and even more than them!

The idea is making a video what we will post on Youtube and send the link to ‘K-chan news’ on his Birthday.

What you need to do is:

  • Make a photo OR video showing your support to Koyama.

  • You can make this message in English or Japanese if you can. If a video, just simply tell your feelings about Koyama and express your support in a short way.

  • The video shouldn`t exceed 20 seconds.

  • If it`s a photo, then you can make a drawing, you can write down your messages and take a photo of yourself with this message, etc. Anything what is supportive towards Koyama!

Twitter hashtag project!
I have suddenly got an idea. We have created three supportive hashtags for Koyama: #WeSupportKoyama #小山を応援します #慶ちゃんはパーナが守る And we are always using #小山慶一郎 of course. If you don`t feel like taking photos or making videos, or you just simply don`t have the opportunity, use this hashtag to show your support and write some message in Japanese or English. We will be making screenshots of these supportive tweets and put them into the video.
What is important: Avoid angry tweets and the ones clearly saying that it`s about his scandals. We don`t want him to think about the problems occured, we want him to read the loving messages. Your twitter name and DP will be included since we don`t want it to seem like it`s not real. Don`t forget to include your country, as well! :)

The size of the video is going to be 1280x720, so please keep that in mind while doing your project. :)

After getting the projects, we are going to make Japanese subtitle to the parts which are not in Japanese so he can understand your full messages. Please talk understandably and clearly. :) If you don`t want to take a video but still want to talk about your thoughts, record your message in a sound file [mp3] and send it to us. ^^

The deadline for the project is the 23rd of April until 0:00. [CET]
Send your project to this address: egaofansub@gmail.com

What is very important:

Name your country in the message! It is a must because we have to show him that there are fans throughout the whole world! :)

What we are asking in plus:

We haven`t decided which song we should choose for the video. Please, if you have any ideas, share it with us until the deadline of this project.
Our two ideas until now are: Tender by Blur [This is the theme song of Chikarauta.] and You`ll be in my heart by Phill Collins. We cannot make a Japanese song into the video because it might get deleted or muted.

Dear fans, who can sing or play any instruments (I have seen amazing piano covers on YT):
If you can, do a cover of Aikotoba and send it to us [if possible, before the deadline, but on the day of the deadline at latest.] If you do a cover, you can still send your project regardless, we will use the cover during the video. If we receive more cover, we will choose the best one for the video.

I think that would be everything regarding the project, but if you have any question, feel free to ask! :)

Also, please spread this project in your own languages and in any languages you can speak so we can increase the number of participating fans.

Thank you for your support in advance!

Saya, Issa, Laila
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Sakura Girl performance at CDTV.

Posted to my LJ.

Help :)

Mar. 27th, 2017 12:03 am
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I apologize if this post is something not really relevant for the fandom.

I am just thinking of doing subbing activities again (soft and hardsub, that is).
The problem is, I forgot how to hardsub, since I had not done any for the past two years, my old computer had been damaged, and I no longer don't know how to install or fix VirtulDub.

For the softsub, I had been using Aegisub and it still works fine for me, it's just that I can't hardsub since I forgot how to.

Can any one help me with this? Or any recommendation on other application to use that is fine with aegisub?

I really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you in advance :)))


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