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The happy expressions on the 4 of them say everything - it's the time of the year again!

Some of us may remember how the best album was put together through a fan vote, so we thought it'd be fun do an unofficial one of our own, 5 years down the road to see if there will be any differences - especially since so many great songs have been released since then! And as 15 Sep 2017 will mark 14 years since this amazing group came into existence, there's no better time than now to take a little trip down history and rediscover old favourites all over again. For newer fans, a chance to get to know their older songs better!

Now a few very basic instructions for this poll:
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A message from the mods before going into this week’s updates: please remember to lock your posts as community members only, if it is one that involves sharing of media - such as posts to share stuff, and even request posts, as replies to these request posts will mean download links. We definitely do not want to get in risk losing a community to share information and files with everyone by having all these things floating in the open. Thank you for your understanding!

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Hi guys,
I want to give away TV Station and TV Guide clippings for free, because I have too many clippings.
The clippings are from 2010-2016 and beside SMAP, Kinki Kids, V6 and Kanjani8, all other Johnny's groups are still available.
(So also many from NEWS and YamaP.)

A few old clippings can you find at my LJ sale post [here] ☆ (Please ignore the price =))
Please tell me from which year and which group / member you want~~

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Hi,I just made some updates on my NEWS DVD Salespost.
I'm currently selling my NEWS Concert DVDs for PHP1,000 each!
For more details about the products,please visit my LJ:

Thank you soooo much to all the admins of news_jpop.
Spread the NEWS L-O-V-E!
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As we enter the countdown mode for this year's 24Hr TV, the official site has launched a new addition yesterday - a flower maker! As mentioned previously, the logo designed by Tokoro Asao is made up of various shapes, distinct of his artistic style. This flower maker makes use of that very trait, allowing you to design your very own flower by rearranging the shapes. You can also change the colour, and add your own text.

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We hope you have fun making your own flower, as we wait patiently for next weekend to come. Here's the place to go to make your own flower. Please also feel free to share your creations with us in the comments if you'd like to! :)
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This week's radio updates! )

Thanks to everyone who has read and given feedback on the updates, we're glad to know that people are enjoying and appreciating them!

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Hi! I'm selling almost all of my Johnny's collection, including a lot of NEWS CDs & goods.

Some examples of what I have for sale:
- A lot of CDs from NEWS, Tegomass & Yamapi (incl. Chankapaana member versions & Yamapi's SHOP LEs)
- Old shop photos
- NEWS Wall Calendar 2005-2006
- A Happy NEWS Year 2006 Pamphlet

Details here:
♪ NEWS, Tegomass & Yamapi Sales
♪ Sales masterpost

Shipping worldwide. Thank you for taking a look! ♥
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Hi everyone, I just want to let you know that there's this wonderful community out there named [livejournal.com profile] arashiproject
They are basically a community built for the revival of Arashi dead links,but right now they're also doing a huge revival project for Newshfan's videos which were multi-fandom's

So for old fans who still have those treasures, let's combine our strength together to preserve it for the next generation haha~ and they're basically calling for as many mirrors as possible, so if you happen to see that the files you have are already uploaded, please don't be discouraged :)
and for new fans, I hope you can find the files that you're looking for & have fun ^^

The membership is moderated, just click join and wait for approval :D
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Hello,everyone!I hope you are all well.
I have another batch of NEWS DVDs to sell out,and I am looking for a fellow Chankapana to take these boys home! Each DVD costs PHP1,200
For Filipino buyers only.
Meet Ups at SM Megamall or at Gateway.
For the complete information on the items,please visit my livejournal account.


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