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Hello! If anyone is interested in Kato-sensei's recent works, here are the summaries of Daijina Mono, Ore-sama no Iu Toori and the 1st essay from his series in TRIPPER; I hope these can be of some help :)

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These NEWS goodies wants to find a new home!

For the NEWS Pacific Concert DVD and WORLD QUEST CD/DVD information,just visit my LJ!
Never Ending Wonderful Story Concert DVD Regular Edition.
YesAsia Price: 2,764
CDJapan Price: 2,531
My Price: PHP 900

YesAsia Price: Out of Print
CDJapan Price: 643.69
My Price: PHP 550.

Second Item: Pacific Concert DVD Regular Edition.
YesAsia Price: 2,802.47
CDJapan Price: 2,531.08
My Price: PHP 1,250
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Permission to post again,Admin-san!
Thank you so much!
NEWS 10TH Anniversary concert.
Price at YesAsia.com - PHP 3,412.29
Price at CDJapan - PHP 3,049.33
My Price - 1,500
It has 3 dvd's.
First 2 DVDs: Part 1 and Part 2 of the concert.
Third DVD: Behind the scene footages.
Of course,I played the DVD'S for fangirling when I'm stressed but it's still in a good condition.
Includes Mini-Booklet
Free shipping or meet ups at SM MEGAMALL OR GATEWAY is OKAY!

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NEWS news.jpg

Due to length, the updates for this week will be separated into two posts.
updates under the cut! )
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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on livejournal. On Sunday I went to NEWS' concert in Tokyo Dome and I made a little video about it if anyone is interested to watch it. I hope it'll give everyone a little taste of what the concert was like :)

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NEWS news NEV head.jpg

Tour reports under the cut! )

Congratulations to NEWS, the staff, and juniors for successfully completing the Neverland Tour 2017!

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for english subtitles of Tegoshi's travel to Turkey from Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ. I'm waiting your helps ^-^

Thank you *-*

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Hi everyone!

I don't have room to store all my Johnny's goods, so I am selling them so that they can find a nice new home. I have CDs, DVDs, Shop Photos, Magazines, Concert Goods etc. for NEWS, Arashi, KAT-TUN, HSJ, Sexy Zone, Kis-My-Ft2, and Johnny's Jr. You can find my NEWS items here. Sales posts for other groups can be found on my journal.
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NEWS news.jpg

Updates over the week, plus yesterday's MC at Wakayama.
updates under the cut! )
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NEWS news.jpg

This week's updates - concert reports, appearances etc.
updates under the cut! )
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Hello everyone

I just created a NEWS fanpage for Vietnamese fans, but there are contents for international fans too (like pictures, news update or jnet entries).
Link: https://www.facebook.com/NEWSfamilyVN/

Please support us by liking the page and sharing it with other NEWS fans if possible.

With so much love,

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NEWS news.jpg

This week was relatively quiet, so it's mostly summaries of concert MCs.
updates under the cut! )
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Hi all.
I am Mui and I just want to shout out here and that I just joined this community. I want to make friends while having a good time sharing and talking about NEWS. I have been a fan since 2010 when there were still 6 of them. Then, when I heard Yamapi and Ryochan left the group, I was so heartbroken and decided to move on. However, over the time I just kept coming back to NEWS and wanted to watch their concerts and listen to their musics again. Although I cannot understand Japanese very well, but I realized that Japanese people have a lot of expression making what they are saying is understandable just from seeing their gestures. I love Tegoshi so much and want to know updates about him. Is anyone in NEWS currently seeing someone (dating)? I want to know them all. Please be good to me. Yoroshikune.. ^^



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